About Me! 

Hi, I am Mel (Melissa) I am 26 born in September 1993 and live in Auckland New Zealand (NZ). I was born in Christchurch NZ but lived most of my life in Auckland.  


In my life, I have seen and been through a lot of things and survived a lot of things that I shouldn’t have had to. But they made me who I am today and as hard as they were I am grateful for the lessons they have taught me and the person I get to be today.


This website/ blog is my life my story about all the things I have lived. All the ups and downs I have been through and go through in life. It’s a place to share and document the journey I lived and the journey I am living.


I live with multiple health issues which are a bulk of what my journey is about. Fibromyalgia (Fibro) is one of the biggest conditions I have and this is one that is a result of my past trauma. My other health issues are PCOS, CFS, Type 2 Diabetes, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Chronic migraines, Acid reflux, Asthma, Mixed rhinitis, Eczema, Depression, PTSD and Anxiety. I am also currently (2018) undergoing the test for suspected endometriosis. If you have any question’s regarding any of my health conditions you can find a blog post about them on my website or feel free to contact me anytime.


Due to the nature of my childhood, I have parts of my life that my brain has filed into what I call a “Locked Box” a box that holds details of trauma and things that have happened to me that my brain automatically decided I needed to be protected from as a child. Now as an adult part of the locked box has started to open in the forms of flashbacks which are like nightmares that can happen night or day that are memories of things that happened to me as a child. They are pretty scary because they not only are things I may or may not remember they feel so real and during them I feel as if they are happening right now and I need to remind myself once I wake up or come out of the flashback that I am safe and okay and that I am not in any harm anymore. It is a tough road living with PTSD and flashbacks but one that I am learning to live with the best I can.


Growing up my family life and family support was pretty useless. My family was not what I would wish on anyone. It was a house full of Alcohol, Gambling, Fighting & Police visits. I remember from a very young age the first time the police were called because my mum's partner was super drunk and they were fighting it was the first time I saw him throw her up against the wall I then had to tell the police what I saw. To start the abuse was just between them but then he started on me and then I became his next victim to his Physical, Sexual, Mental and Emotional abuse! Protecting my younger brother as much as I could become the only thing on my mind until I was old enough to get out!



Then came the start of my new life when I broke free of the old life and meet my now husband Tim and found the safety I was looking for. Started a new life away from those who raised me! Created a life of my own and began my healing. Began my journey to creating a better life! 


Sharing my story my journey to help others know that they are NEVER alone. To follow my journey including all up's and downs please follow this blog & follow me on Facebook & Instagram



Thank you for reading and being on this journey with me your support is much appreciated. 





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