1 Oct 2019

Over the years i have come to realize the importance of keeping my mental health in a good place. But sometimes i end up letting the outside world affect me too much and i don't take care of my mental health that well. The last few months i have been on a downward spiral when it comes to my mental health. Things have been getting on top of me and i have not been prioritizing m...

14 Apr 2019

As many of you will know i have Depression,Anxiety & PTSD. I have experienced dark times since i was 8 years old! The " Dark Times" come and they go. When i was younger the dark times were only ever short but as i have grown up the dark times last a lot longer. 

Anyone who follows me on my social media accounts will know that i am currently experiencing a dark time. One month...

20 Jun 2018


(Avoid Reading Blog if talk about blood or images of blood are not your thing)

On Monday i finally had my surgery to remove the cyst on the top of my head. I have had this cyst for as long as i can remember. I think i was about 11 or so years old so about 14 years ago.  

When it first appeared it would gro...

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