23 Nov 2017

Being a big girl i have experienced so much hate and abuse and i just wonder why?? 

Why do people decide that they have the right to comment about my weight? The way i look? Why do people feel the need to point and stare? Laugh behind my back? 

Why cant people keep their opinion's to themselves? If you have a comment or an opinion about someone just keep it to yourself because...

21 Jul 2017

This blog is one that is a hard thing to write about and some people will find this triggering so please if you too are a abuse survivor please read this with caution.

As i have mentioned on this blog before as a child i endured abuse of all kinds. From Mental – Emotional & Physical – Sexual …. This is apart of my life i hate and wish i could forget however its not something i...

2 Apr 2017

So recently i was told i have Fibro and since then i have faced a few horrible comments and nasty attitudes from people telling me its all crap , fake , in my head , Easy to live with etc…. Well this post is my view on the condition i have to live with and a few home truths on how hard it is for me to live with.

First lets get one thing straight there is nothing FAKE about this...

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