29 Aug 2017

My journey to god is one that I never thought I would experience. I didn’t grow up In a christian family. I grew up in a family fill of alcohol , gambling and drugs ,violence and abuse.  I was the oldest of 2 growing up now the oldest of 3. I lived a life of fear and did a lot of bad things to people as a way to protect myself from all the hurt that was happening to me. I was...

18 Jan 2017

2017 is here… And this year is all about finding out what is wrong and fixing the issues and creating the me i know i am meant to be… This blog is going to follow the journey of my Medical , Mental and Physical Health in  2017

This year started with a hospital appointment with an Endocrinologist… On the 6th of Jan i meet with Dr Kim an Endocrinologist at waitakere hospital…  Wh...

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