7 Nov 2019

Exercising with pain is something i have had to learn how to do. It's not easy to exercise when you have fibro or any kind of chronic pain. But it is known to help certain types of pain and of course is great for your mental health. So the question is how?

Well i can only share how my experiences with pain and exercise. If you have anything to add feel free to comment below or...

25 Apr 2019

To manage Fibro is a process of learning what triggers you symptoms and then trying to avoid those triggers. Obviously there is no way to avoid all triggers so managing fibro is a balancing act of eliminating triggers where possible and having systems in place to limit the affects of those triggers that are not avoidable.

Triggers are things that cause your symptoms to get wor...

17 Apr 2019

One of my most common questions is " What is a fibro flare"  this comes from those that don't have fibro wanting to understand the term fibro flare that i use often and another common question asked by those with fibro is " What do i do to manage / get through a fibro flare" Because these topics relate to each other i have decided to write just the one blog post about these t...

11 Apr 2019

The journey to getting my fibro diagnosed was a long one and one that was done over a few years! 

I first started showing signs of what  i now know as " Fibro" back in 2015. I remember the morning like it was yesterday. I woke up like it was any other day but this day was different...

I woke up sat up as you do put my legs on the floor and wow! the pain was absolutely CRAZY. I s...

30 Jan 2018

If you have a chronic pain condition like me ( Fibromaylgia) you will know exactly what i am talking about when i say " Painsomnia" For those of you who don't understand what i am talking about this blog will explain it for you! I will also give my tip's for minimizing painsomnia. 

So what is painsomnia? Painsomnia is when you are exhausted but cant sleep because of pain....

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