31 Oct 2019

Managing flashbacks is a very important part of my PTSD journey. Flashbacks are similar to dreams/nightmares they often come during the night but can also happen during the day! Mine tend to be in the night but I have experienced some during the day. 

First i think its important to explain for me what happens when i experience these flashbacks and then how I cope with them duri...

25 Apr 2019

I shared a post earlier this week on facebook/ Instagram about my mother and the game she is playing & how i am in a situation where i have to walk away from some family members. 

But i didn't go into much detail due to it being a Facebook post and not being able to share as much detail. By the comments i received it is clear that more detail is required sooner rather...

14 Apr 2019

As many of you will know i have Depression,Anxiety & PTSD. I have experienced dark times since i was 8 years old! The " Dark Times" come and they go. When i was younger the dark times were only ever short but as i have grown up the dark times last a lot longer. 

Anyone who follows me on my social media accounts will know that i am currently experiencing a dark time. One month...

24 May 2018

PTSD is one of the many conditions I have but is one I have not talked much about and with a few question's lately about PTSD and why I have PTSD I thought it was time to write a blog post about it. This is something I have wanted to for a while but its something that is hard to talk about so I have put off posting. But its the right time now. 

I have m...

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