Breakfast Bowl

2 Pieces of Chicken Bacon 
2 eggs
1-2 Mushrooms 
3-4 Slices Halloumi 
Seasoning - I use pepper & me Man grind



Step One: Slice halloumi and place into a frying pan and cook until golden brown. 

Step Two:  Cut bacon & mushroom into slices.  Once the halloumi is cooked place the bacon into a frying pan and cook to your liking. Once the bacon is cooked place butter into frying pan with the mushrooms and season with man grind and cook to your liking.

Step Three: Whisk two eggs in a bowl. Add butter to the frying pan and wait till it's melted then add the eggs season with your choice of seasoning and cook them to your liking. 

Step Four: Time to serve place all cooked ingredients into a bowl & enjoy!

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