To view an inventory planner please click the PDF image next to the writing. Each planner has a different image background and the printable ones have both colour & black/white versions. 


There are two types of planners available 


The first is a Freezer Inventory - This is to write down all the meats you have in the freezer to help with your meal planning. I find it so much easier to meal plan from this list rather than having to go to the freezer to see what I have. 


The Second is a Pantry Inventory - the Same system as the freezer inventory just makes life so much easier. 



These are only available in printable. The best way to use them is to print the planner then laminate it and use whiteboard markers to write on the planner.

There will be new designs added over the coming weeks 

Freezer inventory 1 
Pantry inventory 1 
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