My Fibro Story

My Journey started in March 2015 when one day I woke up with extremely sore legs. I had not done anything to have them sore and yet while laying in bed they were in so much pain. When I tried to get and walk on them it was impossible they were sore and just unable to hold me up. I thought maybe I had injured them somehow so I would just rest today and see how I get on. Well as the day went on the pain was crazy and my ability to walk just got worse by the end of the day the only way I could walk was with assistance from my husband. Still confused I decided to wait till the next day before assessing what to do. When I woke the following day the pain had lessened a little but not much and my walking ability was better but not like it normally was. Confused I made an appointment to see my doctor. 


When I went to my doctor and told her what was happening she said " your overweight so it will be putting pressure on your legs. Go home and lose some weight and all will be fine " At this stage, I thought really? could it really just be that? Okay, fine ill go home continue to lose some weight. I was already in the process of losing weight so ill just continue. 


I kept going living in pain as a whole bunch of other random symptoms started to come up such as Dizziness, Headaches, Migraines, sensitivity's to light, smells, touch, temperature & foods, Legs having no strength, Nausea and much more. I just put all the symptoms down to my other health condition PCOS. 


Then one day I was talking to a good friend of mine and she had just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. At the time I had never heard of it so I listen to what my friend told me about what she was going through and then went onto google and got more information as I wanted to support her as much as I could and understand as much as I could about what she was going through. As I researched I found that I was suffering many if not all the symptoms of fibromyalgia too. The next time I was chatting to my friend I told her about what I was experiencing and she said sounds like it could be fibro too. So off I went to the doctor to see what she thought. 


I told my doctor about my friend and the doctor wanted to hear my symptoms again. After telling her the whole story again she did a pressure point test and told me I had Fibromyalgia. I was so happy to have an answer but was not so happy when she told me there was nothing at all she could do as she did not know the condition and to go home and research it and find my own way to cope. I phoned my friend who told me to get checked and she said her doctor had been super helpful and had given her things to try and manage the symptoms. So I was pretty annoyed that my doctor wouldn't even try to help. 


For a year I stayed with this doctor trying to get help trying to manage my symptoms. One day I went in to see her because I was in so much pain and walking was so very hard and she said well go get a walking stick that is your only option now. So at 21 years old, I had to go buy a walking stick and start using it to walk around. I was laughed at by people in the streets, Called horrible things & accused of being fat and lazy and that's why I needed a walking stick. Little did they know was that the walking stick was making me more active again. I went from not being able to make myself a drink or food to being able to look after myself & do housework in little amounts again. One day I was seeing my doctor and she said " I actually don't think its fibromyalgia anymore. It seems more serious than that " I responded with oh no what do we do then? her reply " Nothing I am sure you will be ok" 


After a year of suffering alone and her saying that she was not sure if it was fibro, I moved to a new doctor. My new doctor thought it couldn't be fibro as it seemed more serious and gave me a referral to a neurologist to investigate the possibility of Multiple Sclerosis ( MS) I then went on living 3 months waiting to be seen by the specialist. I ended up seeing two specialists as they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. They ruled out MS and said they believed it was fibro but to talk to my doctor. So back to my doctor and she diagnosed me with Fibro & CFS ( Chronic Fatigue syndrome)


I am now on a journey living with all these crazy symptoms and trying to understand and manage the symptoms the best I can by using natural products no more pumping my body with medicines. I will post more on my natural journey on my blog as I progress down this path.

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