My Mission 

For many years I would sit in my bedroom afraid due to all the things that were going on around me. You should feel safe in your home but in mine, I did not! I thought that these experiences were going to ruin my life. How could I live a good life after living through this? What am I going to become? These are the question's I asked myself for many years growing up. 

My life has been full of many experiences! I used to look at my experiences and think to myself "I wish I never had to experience that" Then one day I realised that my experiences were going to be the foundations of my life and become the fuel to my mission. 

My mission is to ensure that children, youth & adults all have at least one person on their team! Growing up in an environment where I had no one on my team caused for some hard times! All I ever wanted was just ONE person to be on my team, care about me & support me. Just one! I now want to be that ONE for anyone else who needs that ONE person! 


No one should feel alone, lost, scared & unloved! My main mission is for children because I have experienced just how much life can be affected as a child growing up in a home with no love instead of a home full of anger. For this reason alone my mission is to ensure children and youth can have the support they need to get through their lives and start adulthood in a good place. 


Although children and youth are my biggest intrest I of course want to help adults like me. Those adults who as children lived through trauma and now have to find their way through life alongside the trauma they experienced. I have survived the trauma, I have survived the recovery and now I want to help others reach the same point I have. Don't get me wrong I still have bad days as everyone does but they are less frequent now! I credit a lot of that to having this mission to help others! Turning the pain around and finding ways to use it in a positive way has really helped me recover and have less bad days.  



You can read more about my childhood in this letter i wrote to the young me here or more about how I want to use my pain and experiences to become purpose here.  

If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me or message me on my facebook or Instagram. 

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