My PCOS Story 

My journey started 10 years ago when I was 13 years old. It was October 2007 I was living in Christchurch at the time with my grandparents. One morning I woke up and had a very sharp pain in the side of the stomach on the right side. I went to my grandad and told him I was in pain. Unsure what it could be and worried it might be my appendix he quickly got me off to the doctor. As the pain got worse I struggled to walk and was feeling very sick and sore. We got to the doctor and he said he thought it might be a cyst on my ovary and needed an ultrasound to confirm. So we booked in to get an ultrasound and I was sent home with ibuprofen and Panadol and told to rest and wait for an ultrasound which was going to be a week later. 



Finally, ultrasound day came I was so looking forward to getting answers as I had been in so much pain for the whole week. I had my ultrasound and NOTHING was found everything looked perfect and they were happy to send me home in pain. Told to rest and see what happened. After another week of pain, it all went away and I was back to feeling fine. Confused as to what was wrong but happy I was no longer in pain I went on living life. 


Since starting my period at 12 years old (2006) my cycle was always the same. I never had any major pain with my period or anything well in January 2008 that all changed. I started having extreme pain with my periods was super dizzy passing out and really tired. I would spend the week before and the week of my period in bed in major pain. Back to the doctors multiple times still being told there was nothing wrong it's just "Normal Women's problems" "It's a normal period if it hurts" 


I gave up trying to get doctors to help as no one seemed to have answers no one seemed to want to help. In 2009 I returned to Auckland and saw a few more doctors who said the same things like the doctors in Christchurch. No one believed that it was that bad they all thought I was lying or just not able to deal with period pain that all women get. 


I went on struggling with my period my pain was bad, My symptoms were crazy but I just coped. I took lots of ibuprofen and panadol and applied wheat packs and hot water bottles and just survived. In 2011 my symptoms got worse my period cycle ended up all messed up. I went from regular normal periods to no period for 3 months then a period for 3 weeks then back no period for 6 months then a period for a month. The worse cycle I have had in my whole time was no period for 8 months then had my period for 2 months straight no break no nothing. I carried on like this till 2013. 


In 2013 my mother in law convinced me to move to her doctor who was a very good doctor to see if she would be able to help me. I thought to myself what have I got to lose? Just another doctor who won't believe me? well I can cope with that. So I changed the doctor and went to my first appointment with my list of symptoms. She sat there listening and said to me " I have an idea as to what could be wrong but let's run some tests and go from there. About 3 days later I got a called from the nurse saying that the doctor needed to see me so I made an appointment and went in that day. I sat in the doctor's room expecting it to be like every other time but this time was different she said " You have polycystic ovary syndrome" I sat there in silence. After about a minute of silence, the doctor said: " Are you okay?" I replied with "So there is something wrong with me? I am not crazy? "' i was so relieved that I was not crazy there was something wrong and we now know what it is. 


From there its been an interesting journey. I have struggled with multiple cysts bursting, Extreme pain every time I get my period and just at random times, Extreme tiredness, Nausea, irregular cycle, Weight gain ( over 80kg gained) the doctors I have seen since being diagnosed have not been that helpful with managing my PCOS. The best way I have found to manage it is to eat healthy, Exercise & Natural vitamins. When the pain hits the only way to cope is to use my PCOS survival kit which you can find in my blog post PCOS survival kit. (Link to this is above in the related blogs section on this page. )


My PCOS journey is an ongoing one. I am currently in the process of trying to manage it more and get the symptoms under control. Follow my journey here and on Facebook  & Instagram to keep updated on this journey. 


Do you have PCOS? feel free to message me anytime and we can chat about it. Its always relieving to talk to others with PCOS it makes everything seem that little bit better. We are never alone! There are so many others struggling with PCOS. 


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