My PTSD Journey! 

Post-traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD) is a very complex condition. This is one of the hardest conditions for me to learn to cope with. The PTSD journey has been a very bumpy one and is one I will continue to have minor struggles with. 

I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2013 when I began having flashbacks ( Which at the time I thought were just nightmares) Flashbacks so sever that I began not wanting to ever sleep. I would keep myself awake for as long as I could each night because I was terrified of falling asleep and having to relive everything I had gone through as a child. I couldn't understand why this was happening and it was starting to really upset and confuse me. 


Once I was diagnosed I began researching PTSD and a lot of things started to make a lot of sense. I have had PTSD for a lot longer than 2013 I just didn't know.  Once I knew what was wrong I was then able to start finding ways to manage my PTSD.  My biggest problem was flashbacks having flashbacks to a time in my life where I was so scared is not nice. I  am out of that situation having to relive it often is not nice at all. Learning ways to get through the flashbacks and how to process them was a very big part of my journey. You can read about that in my PTSD flashback blog. 

PTSD is something that for me has levels. It is always with me but the level of impact is different daily. Some days the impact is minimal some days the impact is severe. It all depends on what has triggered me and how I have been managing my mental health. 

PTSD has been the hardest to understand and hardest to teach others about. So many people think you can only get PTSD from going to war but that is far from the truth. Many people can experience PTSD from many different things. Living with PTSD is hard but the judgement and miss understandings are harder! 

This is a topic I will continue to blog about to raise awareness for all those who experience PTSD. 

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