Find your happiness

October 10, 2016


What is happiness? This is a question I am sure we have all asked many times! So many of us make the biggest mistake and base our happiness on other people , items & and events. 


I too was one of those people who made that mistake. However recently I learnt a very important lesson. My happiness was something I needed to find for me! It was something only I could find. I could no longer base my happiness on something or someone. 



You might be thinking but how? Well that is something quite hard to answer. But I will explain what I did and how it has changed my life. 



Step one for me was exactly what this image says! I had to stop letting my happiness depend on people that I may lose. When you walk the road I have you learned that people will let you down and if you base your happiness on people when they let you down your happiness disappears. 






Step two was realising how short life is and how I had the choice each day to be happy or be sad. I have spent too much of my life sad , depressed and angry and I don’t want to live another day like that so each day I chose to be happy no matter what life throws at me. I chose to be happy and live life to the max. 











Step 3 for me was understanding that i deserve to be happy and that it is not selfish to love myself and seek happiness for myself. This was the biggest and hardest step for me! I always believed I deserved a crap life and didn’t deserve to be happy but I have since realised that I deserve so much more. My happiness is a priority for me and it is not selfish to do the things that you enjoy and taking time to live life. 




The final step for me was easier then it sounds. I simply cut all the negative people and things from my life. 

I cut out of my life all my negative and stressful family and friends. I went through and got rid of all my items in my house that reminded me of something negative and changed the music I listen too , the shows I watch and the way i spend my spare time. 







I started to see positive results straight away and each day they got stronger and more obvious. It’s not easy choosing happiness but I promise it’s worth it!! 

Find your happiness for you! Be happy live life smile laugh and be you! You deserve a life full of awesome! 


Go get your happiness! Only you can do it! Start the journey now! Today don’t wait for tomorrow find your happiness now! 




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