2017 goals and dreams

January 18, 2017



2017 is here and as always i am planning my goals for this year…. I always set goals that i want to achieve each year and i work on them all year to achieve them. This years goals are very important and cover a range of area’s in my life. I decided i would share them with everyone who is following my journey.









  • Weight loss – Not setting a weight goal this year as i have over 100kg to lose and this year is going to be a battle to lose as much as possible while waiting on doctors help with medical issues so my focus is to lose weight this year as much as i can.

  • Eating right –  Eating clean healthy low sugar low carb foods! NO more takeaways and rubbish foods.

  • Drinking enough during the day! I have a goal of 2l minimum each day of water / Iced teas.

  • Swearing – Cut my swearing out completely! As a child i was raised to swear and this is something that has carried into my adult life..Well no more!

  • Reading my Bible –Daily reading  and spending more time with God daily.

  • Attending church With health stuff this has been hard but this year i am aiming for more regular attendance

  • Being Positive – Letting go of all the negative and just being happy 

  • Let go – Let go of my past mistakes , Past Hurt & Move on. 

  • More Music and Meditations 

  • Growing  The PCOS Foundation 

  • Launching and Growing my Jewellery Business ( Coming very soon) 

This is just some of the goals for now! These are the ones to focus on right now…. Stay tuned for more as the year progresses..

Time to smash this year! Going to make this my year! No matter what is thrown at me this year i will overcome it the best way possible!

The journey will be taken at the pace that is required! Each day will be the best it can be! Achieve what i can and accept what i cant control and move on!

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