Life may give me bad news but....

January 18, 2017


2017 is here… And this year is all about finding out what is wrong and fixing the issues and creating the me i know i am meant to be… This blog is going to follow the journey of my Medical , Mental and Physical Health in  2017


This year started with a hospital appointment with an Endocrinologist… On the 6th of Jan i meet with Dr Kim an Endocrinologist at waitakere hospital…  When my GP ran my bloods my prolactin hormone level was very high and with no obvious reason the referral to Dr Kim was made. Not knowing anything about the prolactin hormone i was unsure what this doctor was going to say… He asked lots of questions and initial impressions made…. I potentially have  tumor on my pituitary gland… The 3 options.. A Small tumor – Treat with medication , A Large tumor – Treat with surgery Or No Tumor – Cause of high levels stress and bad sleep. Referral to MRI to find out what is going on waiting for my appointment to come then we see Dr kim again to discuss results and action plan.


Fear kicked in regarding the what if’s the worry about what might happen..  Fear of the unknown is scary but i trust in a god that is bigger then ANYTHING i might face. I know he wont let me go through anything alone. Trusting god does not eliminate fear totally it just stops it from taking over. Handing the wheel of the journey to Jesus… He guide and protect me on this  path as it may be unknown to me but he know’s exactly what is coming.





I know its super easy to say but so hard to do but no matter what your going through right now trust that it is all apart of a bigger plan. No matter if you believe there is a god or not hold on to one thing there is a plan for your life and everything your going through is for a reason! You will never drown! Your strong enough to achieve all your goals & Dreams!

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