February 5, 2017

Sometimes you plan things and they just don’t work out. For whatever reason life might be against you…


I have found that no matter what you plan things don’t always work out. Sometimes you just have to accept things and make a new plan and trust me 99% of the time the new plan is the better one!


I used to sit here plan everything and when thing would go wrong i would feel like a massive failure. Like i should just give up as i messed up! But in reality this is just life! Things don’t always go 100% right…


Take this weekend for example… Today my husband and i celebrate 2 years of marriage and 6 years of being together! We had planned to hit the beach on Saturday and then go out for dinner on Sunday evening… But instead i came down super sick with a kidney infection! Which of course meant that i was too sore and too sick to do much. I was only having the energy to do little things or short periods of time. So just like that the weekends plans had to change..


I started to feel like i had failed… i had let my husband down as we were both looking forward to our plans. But then i realized that although i couldn’t do exactly what we planned we could do something we just needed to think about it for a minute…

So we sat down and a plan was created… We would go and watch the sunset  at our favorite spot….. Go to a movie   & get a yummy dinner takeaway. This plan was going to be better we thought… 


Saturday  night we went and watched the sunset and had a little walk… I was told  by my GP Friday night to not exercise but to move so little walks were fine! We took pictures and just sat in the sun was so nice after being stuck inside all week.


We went to see Pork Pie on Sunday  such a funny movie!! A must watch for sure!!! we grabbed Burger fuel for dinner and watch a movie  at home… We camped in the lounge all weekend as i felt more comfortable in the lounge with all my pain and being able to watch a movie to fall asleep helped lots…


Then this morning after 2 good nights sleep and medication working i well enough to head out for breakfast at Dennys! So today we had a great breakfast!


Pictures from our weekend



Life will always put things in your way but you need to find a way around or over them! Don’t give up just because something didn’t work out!! Push on your stronger then you think! You have to be brave in the world  we live in…


Blessings to all this coming week i hope you have a fantastic week and you start finding ways around your obstacles no matter what they are!



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