Health update

March 22, 2017

Its been a while since i updated this blog life has been a bit crazy recently.Since my last update a lot has happened! I went from being super active able to do everything then BANG  back to being super sick and unable to do much!


This past Monday i saw the Neurologist to assess what is going on and see if there was anything neurologically wrong. My GP suspected MS so this appointment was to confirm or rule that out!

Thankfully we are able to rule out MS & also able to rule out any potential neurological condition. That also mean’s that we are not any closer to know what is wrong. The Specialist thinks that it will be fibromyalgia based on my symptoms but was unsure so i am back to my GP tomorrow to see where we go from there…. Update to come once i know more.


Thankfully the specialist was able to provide some assistance with one of my major symptoms…. My headaches / Migraines… He has put me on a new medication which will hopefully stop these from being so often… At current i suffer headaches and migraines all the time and they can end up so super bad that i cant do anything but be in a dark room…. So i am looking forward to see how this medication help’s the situation.


Due to so many symptom’s and so many doctor’s trying to figure out what s wrong i have started a symptom tracker which has been interesting thing. So many symptom’s and such a range of severity. But its definitely helping to track what is happening and providing the doctor’s with some information too which is great!


So not much of an update but its something i guess! Doctor again tomorrow will hopefully bring more of an update…. Working on another blog at the moment so keep an eye  out for that! 



Keep rocking your journey! Your awesome!


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