Fibro - The Truth

April 2, 2017




So recently i was told i have Fibro and since then i have faced a few horrible comments and nasty attitudes from people telling me its all crap , fake , in my head , Easy to live with etc…. Well this post is my view on the condition i have to live with and a few home truths on how hard it is for me to live with.



First lets get one thing straight there is nothing FAKE about this condition! The pain & Horrible symptom’s i face  each day is proof of that! Each and every day i have to face a range of things. Some days are easier then others! Some days i can wake up feel fine and get on with my day other days i wake up feel fine and after a while feel crap and then there are the bad days when i wake feeling crap and go to sleep the same away.








Can you just imagine for a second being 23 years old. Living you life with no care in the world then BANG all of a sudden your unable to do the things you once could. You cant walk without assistance of a walking stick most day’s , You struggle to care for yourself each day making breakfast , lunch , dinner getting drinks are like the biggest struggle. You have to rely on the  people around  you to help with the most basic things. Imagine not being able to wear your hair up because the pain of the hair tie is just too much. Imagine not being able to be hugged by your husband because the pain is just too much & Your skin is too sensitive and you want to scream from the pain. Imagine not being able to wear a watch or jewelry because it hurts. Imagine having to plan what your going to wear and think about what level of pain it will cause and if its worth the pain or not! Imagine not being able to brush or style your hair because you cant hold your hands / arms up for long periods of time.





It is so super hard living with such a range of symptoms that just randomly out of the blue hit you…..It is super hard to have to think about where you are going is it going to be too cold , Too hot , too noisy , have a smell i cant handle, Have the right comfortable seating, What will i need , What medication will i require. What if i have a migraine , Light sensitivity issue, Nausea or lack of appetite. what do i tell people ? How do i explain?


Do you know how bad i feel when i forget to do something? Or forget s conversation? It absolutely kills me when i forget to email or text you , pay a bill , Organize a meet , Forget about a catch up Or forget something we discussed. It makes me feel so super useless but its apart of fibro my brain sometimes experiences a fog and i forget things. its not because i dont care its just i am broken and need reminding sometimes.


Did you know that it is so disappointing to me  when i make a plan and have to cancel  it due to my health? And its  unfortunate i cant predicted my next hour let alone my next day week or month. So i really want to see you and come and do things with you but sometimes its just not possible for me and my health has to come first.


Planning your life around late night shopping or early morning shopping to avoid the crowds of people  as busy malls with lots of people upset so many symptoms and make things so much worse then they need to be. Always having to plan so far in advance for all shopping trips with lists or you forget what you need to get. Having to plan out car trips to ensure enough time to stop and stretch and move as being in the car for too long causes pain. Making sure that where ever i am travelling too i can rest and put my feet up once i get there  so ease pain as soon as possible.


This condition is horrible and i hate it i wish it could just go away and i could go back to being healthy and happy however as much as i want this to happen it cant. So i just have to learn to cope with my new life. I am lucky to have some amazing people who have walked this journey so far with me and will continue too. I will continue to fight for my health each day in whatever way i can.. What i need from those of you in my life is Respect , Understanding, Support , Love and prayers…. If you have a question about fibro you know where i am i am happy to answer any questions.




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Keep Rocking your journey & Talk soon




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