Dream Big Start Small

July 5, 2017


I have been off track of all my goals for the past 3 months because of a lot of things. First i had a horrible kidney infection which then caused a MAJOR fibro flare. Then My husband's nan passed away and it was a hard time for all of us. Then another fibro flare hit and i am still very unwell with this flare however i am getting better and stronger each day. Then we had my father in laws 50th birthday parties which meant weeks of week and a week away for the first party and then a week at home resting and planning  before the second party. 


Now that life is settling now its time to get back to basic's and start focusing start achieving and start living again. The past few months have meant little to no exercise , way too much junk food , too many nights of takeaways and too many missed meals. Its been crazy and so bad health wise. But that is all going to change. 



Because ive been off the road for so long i  have been feeling a little overwhelmed about where to start. Thinking i have to do it all at once and quickly when really all i need to do is start small and move on up from there. So i have sat down and am focusing on a few small goals for this month ( July) then next month i will pick new goals for the month. My current focus for my health is to just eat well and move more. I am not focused on weight loss right now as much as i want to lose weight its not the focus right now moving as much as possible and eating well is the main focus. Focusing on weight loss will be for when i am stronger again. 


So here are my goals for July

  • Walking 1km Each day - Its winter here and raining a lot so this will be a little hard to achieve some days but i will be trying my very best. 

  • Doing a at home workout 3 times a week minimum - More when possible 

  • Water Walking at least 4 - 8 times this month. ( Aiming for twice  a week) 

  • Cook dinner each night - No more junk takeaways such as Pizza, McDonald's , Burger king etc. I will be allowing Healthy takeaways as options for super sick days or as a treat such as Pita Pit. 

  • Drink 2l of water each day 

  • Only drinking Water , Tea , Herbal / Fruit  Teas or Hot chocolate ( 1-2 a day only)

  • Eating Breakfast , Lunch & dinner and snacks when needed. All healthy as possible follow the 80/20 rule. Aiming to be as low sugar as possible! 

  • Take my vitamin's and supplements each day 

  • Follow my Self care plan which will be posted in another blog :) 



So there we have it my goals for the month. The aim is to track these and hopefully achieve these daily/weekly for the whole month. I will be tracking these using a app on my phone and also on a document i have made. You can follow my daily post's about this journey and my whole journey on Facebook & Instagram





As with everything in life we need support & there is no shame in needing a little support. So today i write this blog for myself but also to get support from my followers & my family / friends. When you set your goals & dreams share them with people. Round up your supporters and get them to come along on the journey. I am lucky enough to have some amazing people who support me on my journey and who take each step with me.



What's your current goals? Are you splitting them up into smaller one? Have you gathered you support crew? Let me know in the comments or message me anytime if you want to share your goals , dreams or thoughts. 


Wishing you well on your journey! Go turn your goals and dreams into plans and smash it! You can do it!




Something to remember! No matter what happens we never lose. We learn from mistakes and make a new plan or we win / achieve our goals. No matter what or how you are feeling today please remember that you are capable of all you want to achieve. Make a plan recruit your supporters and smash it






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