How i survive!

July 7, 2017


With having the list of health issues i have you find way's and things to cope with the symptom's you face.


So i thought i would do a  post on all the things i need and do when i am facing the symptoms of all my issues...... This post will give you my tips for coping with the following health issues.

  • Fibromaylgia ( Fibro)

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome ( PCOS)

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ( CFS)

  • Mental Health issues ( Depression , Anxiety & PTSD)



Here is my list of must haves..

  • Magnesium Cream for Pain. This stuff i recently found and wow it works a wonderfully of pain. I use this on all my fibro related pain and it reduces it by 50%-80%. Brought from Health Post (


  • Tens machine - I recently brought a tens machine and wow the difference it has made to my back and tummy pain caused by PCOS & Fibro has been amazing. I Found mine on trade me for $12


  • Heated throw blanket - When i am cold the pain that is caused by fibro is so much worse so this blanket keeps me warm on the cold days. Fibro & PCOS pain also is improved by heat so this blanket is awesome. I got mine from Kmart for $49


  • Hot water bottles and Wheat Packs - Absolute must haves for PCOS pains.... When the pain is super bad and my stomach feels like its about to explode with cysts bursting my hot water bottles and Wheat packs come in handy to apply heat right on the source of pain. I got mine from Kmart & The warehouse.


  • Rescue remedy pastilles - These are PERFECT for when i am super anxious about anything. They help me calm down and feel more in control of things. They dont take the anxiety away but they sure do settle it down to be more manageable. 


  • Cinnamon Tea - I use Dilmah one - Cinnamon is meant to help with PCOS pains and Help you period flow i started using this on my last CRAZY 3 week long period and it started to slow the flow and improve symptoms immediately 


  • Eye Spray - I use the Optrex spray. I use this when i have sore eyes & a headache from being on screens too much or when i am having a blury or stars in eyes moment due to fibro. This spray is awesome and is sooo helpful. 


  • Iorn tablets an absolute life savior when it comes to period time. Iorn helps to control the flow which is needed when you have PCOS which causes CRAZY flows

For now these are all i can think of but i will add to this list as i find more items that help with my many conditions. 


What are you must have's for your health problems? Share below you might just help someone. 


Keep fighting! Keep being awesome! You are never alone! 



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