Self Care.

July 7, 2017


I have never been the one to look after ME. I always look after others but i have never cared for me because i have always believed that i am not good enough and it didn't matter about looking after myself. 


However i have now learned that it is important to look after myself and that it is something i need to more. So that is what i am doing this month. I am going to focus on looking after me. Self Care is so important. 



There are so many different area's of self care and what is important to some may not be important to others. So what is important in any self care plan is that YOU create it FOR YOU and it contains all the things important to you! From the research i have done the main areas are - Physical Care , Mental /Emotional care ,Spiritual care & Lifestyle / People.  






So i have created my self care plan for the next month. I have spent the day today thinking about all the important things to ME. The things that make ME happy and make ME feel good. These are in no order these are just a list of things that i am going to be focusing on for me. 


  • Meditation at least three times a week 

  • Prayer / Time with God / Bible reading 

  • Watching a Sermon at least twice a week 

  • Listening to music at least once a day 

  • Eating Healthy daily fueling my body with what it needs

  • Sleep aiming to be asleep by 11pm each night 

  • Doing some form of exercise each day 

  • Drinking 2L or more of water daily 

  • Take all my vitamins 

  • Face Scrub twice weekly 

  • Foot Spa Weekly 

  • Taking time out each day to do something i enjoy


These are just some of the things you can do there are many other things that you can do to improve your self care. Create your self care plan and look after you! We cant care for others if we don't care for ourselves we burn out eventually and then we struggle with life. 


Take care of you this week! Find the things that make you happy make you positive make you feel great and do them more. Go out there and take care of yourself!!








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