July 13, 2017


All relationships need  trust. Friendships need trust. Family relationships need trust. Romantic relationships need trust. Every kind of relationship needs trust! Without trust there is no real relationship. All you have is people being guarded  and not connecting properly. 











Do you know how hard it is for someone who had their trust broken so

 severely to trust again? As a innocent child i had my trust broken. I trusted my family to love and protect me not to hate and hurt me. As a child i was hurt in ways no child should EVER have to experience. Once someone has had their trust broken by someone close to them its hard for them to trust again. 


As a child i was very quick to trust. I would quickly make friends and trust them totally but then would end up hurt. They would end up betraying my trust one way or another. Once i got to high school and ended up being bullied and betrayed by my closest friends and the issues i had with my family i began to no trust anyone. I pushed everyone away and stopped trusting. 



My entire teenage / young adult life i trusted no one. I wouldn't let people get close to me and i would hurt people so that they couldn't hurt me. When i meet Tim ( My husband) was when i started to trust again. Slowly but surly i started to trust again. It was a very hard process i wanted to trust him but at the same time i was so scared he was going to hurt me like everyone else had in my life. So scared that the minute i began to trust he would break it again. 


Luckily he pushed through the barriers and i was able to see that i could trust him and that he was not going to hurt me. Then came his family.... I was so used to being used , hurt and abused that i expected the same from his family and was very distant and protective. I started to see that they would not hurt me the way i had been hurt before. 



Unfortunately recently i have had a few people break my trust.... I am not going to name these people are this is not what this post is about. This post is a reminder to EVERYONE out there about how important trust is. Once trust is broken especially with someone like me its very very very hard to get it back. I really struggle to trust and once its broken it takes a lot of work to to trust again. 






As people we need to remember that when people trust us with our secrets they need to stay with us. When we are talking to people we need to be telling the truth and not breaking trust by lying. When we make promises we need to keep them. When we are trusted we need to respect and trust that person. Lets take trust seriously from now on and when someone trusts us lets treat it like the gold that it is. Trust is precious and needs to be protected. 


Next time your friend or family member trusts you enough to talk to about whatever is going on for them please don't break there trust by telling others or by doing the thing they ask you not to do. Trust & honestly is what makes the world a better place. 



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