And i am back!

November 20, 2017


Wow! its been a while! I have been crazy busy with life recently an blogging has taken a back seat..... But i am back and going to get back into writing often! 


This blog is a quick life update... Whats been happening and what is going to be happening. Well since my last post i moved house , Got another year older , Spent a lot of time with family , Got back into exercising and eating right , Started a nutrition certificate and went on holiday for a few days , Sick with some crazy bug but now  back to into it! 


We got out of the place we were in which was causing many health issues and now we are in a much better property which has improved my health dramatically! We have been here two months now and in that time my health has been the best it has been in a long time. i have still had some rough days but the majority of days i have been pretty good. 


In September i celebrated getting a year older by spending an awesome day with my Husband and flatmate. Then we had family visit for my birthday which was an awesome time. September was a super busy month full of moving and birthday celebrations. 


Middle of October  i started to get back into my walking and working out. New place  has a spare room that i have set up as a workout room making working out even easier. I slowly have built up my strength again and feeling pretty good! Around this time i also started a new course in Nutrition. Its a certificate course to start with then i may move on to further study in this field. I have started this course for 2 reasons. 1- because it will help me on my journey to better health and weight loss 2- It is a career that i have always been interested in and one i think i would like to do. 


Start of November we went away on holiday for a few days which was AMAZING! just what was needed before the crazy holiday season. This holiday was full of adventures and walking and taking in the beautiful views and the fresh air. Came back feeling ready to smash out the rest of the year!




2 days after being back from holiday i got super sick with some kind of weird tummy bug but was also a head cold. i ended up sick or 2 weeks . Then after this bug had finally left me alone i ended up discovering i am allergic to avocado! After eating avocado at two separate times i ended up sick which is a bugger because i have  always loved avocado. 



Now that everything is all better i am back into smashing my goals and aiming to end this year on a high! With the Christmas holidays fast approaching and so much to sort and achieve by the end of the year its going to be a busy few weeks but i am so ready and looking forward to this journey!




Over the next few days there will be new blog posts and recipes added to this website. Something i have been meaning to do but not had the time to until now :) 



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