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November 22, 2017


Now that i am back into this journey i thought i better write up a plan and share it with everyone so that its out there which make me accountable! 

So this post will contain all the details of what my plan is for the next few weeks at least! Each week or so i will be assessing my plan and changing anything i need too!




Obviously having so many health issues i will have days when i cant do the WHOLE plan but i will be able to do SOMETHING from the plan!  



So for those close to me! And all of you on my blog , Facebook and Instagram! Here it is! My plan! My goals! Sometimes i am going to need a reminder or a bit of motivation to achieve these things and you have my FULL written permission to kick me if i wont do it! 



My goals for my nutrition side of things is super simple. Right now i am not going to focus on cutting things out or denying myself something as i find when i do this i end up wanting things more and falling off the wagon and struggle  to get back on track. 


So my plan is: 

  • 2L of water a day minimum

  • Eating Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • 2 Snacks a day if needed 

  • Making each meal and snack as healthy as possible! - Making smart food choice

  • Including as much fruit and vegetables each day 

  • Reducing Carbs and Milk intake! 

  • If takeaways are required for any reason making the best choice possible.

  • Only drinking Water , Herbal Teas ,  Hot Chocolate , ice Chocolate ,  normal tea ( Limited to one a day)


My plan is going to include a mixture of a workout circuit that i have created , Walking , Using my exercise bike & Doing Leslie Sansone's walk at home videos. 


My plan is to do my Workout circuit 3x a week! I will do this circuit 2- 3 times and as i progress in strength i will make it 4-5 times! Circuit includes 

- Wall press ups 

- Chair Squats 

- Resistance band pulls 

- Weighted Chair Squats using a med ball 

- Kettle bell swings 

- Step ups with weights 

- Boxing punches 


On 2 of the mornings that i am not doing my workout circuit i will be doing Leslie Sansone's walk at home videos. These are awesome video's on youtube which are easy to do. She has a 1 mile and a 2 mile walk that i do. Normally its the 1 mile just depends on how i am feeling! 


In the afternoons i am going to try and do 15 minutes on my exercise bike! This will be extra exercise and will only be on the days when i am up to extra! 


Each evening i will go for a 1km minimum walk! Over the weekend i will aim to do a bigger walk but will just be based on how i am feeling and what i can fit it! 


Below is a picture of my plan! Looking forward to smashing this! Starting on monday as its a fresh week! ( Start date 27/11/2017) 


So there it is! My plan of attack for the next wee while! Follow me on instagram and facebook to see the plan in action!!


Any questions , Comments or advice feel free to comment below or message me :) 



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