November 23, 2017


Being a big girl i have experienced so much hate and abuse and i just wonder why?? 


Why do people decide that they have the right to comment about my weight? The way i look? Why do people feel the need to point and stare? Laugh behind my back? 


Why cant people keep their opinion's to themselves? If you have a comment or an opinion about someone just keep it to yourself because you are just hurting people and making people feel like they don't deserve to live and that's just not fair!


I have had multiple times when i have had people say things about my weight and for years i would hear these horrible comments and it would stop me from doing what i was doing! I would end up back at square one! Hiding from the world eating crap 


YES i am fat ! YES i have eaten too much takeaways in my life! YES i should lose the weight! BUT guess what i am TRYING and people like you don't make it any easier!! 

I am so sick of the hate i get just for being fat! Just because i don't meet the image that society has set ! 


I have been in multiple places over the years and had people say horrible comments! I was once in a look sharp store and this little 4 year old girl said to her mum " Look mummy that lady is very FAT! " Her mother replied with " YES darling she really is lets keep away" What the heck did she think i was going to do? Another time i was at pak n save buying groceries and i had an older lady say " Gee she shouldn't be buying that item she is big enough" I cant remember the item she was referring to but it wasn't even for me it was for my husband and i just couldn't believe her saying such a thing.  Then there has been twice when i have been at McDonald's and been talked about by young kids first time was by two teenage girls who ended up videoing me on snap chat and sending it to all their friends they said in the video " This whale shouldn't be here but she is " Another time was a Boy and 4 girls laughing and pointing! and  YES i know i shouldn't have been eating it BUT sometimes life happens and you just got to! 


Then there are the times that i have been out walking! Trying to get fit and lose the weight! When i have had comments like " Yo fatty you need to walk more" " Walking wont help you just give up!" "You would be better off dead" Then when i joint a gym to try and get this weight off i had a personal trainer who would talk about fast food and chocolate while i was training like how dose that help? I also had skinny people at the gym staring at me and laughing when i ran out of breathe quickly on equipment making it an environment that i didn't feel safe and comfortable in so i stopped going!




Now i am not making excuses for my weight BUT i struggle with multiple health issues that have contributed to the weight i am now ( 168kg) and when i get comments like i have it really hurts because I AM TRYING to lose the weight but i am fighting a tough battle! I am on a journey to better health that i am going on my own! I don't need to have your hurtful comments in my head! i need supportive comments supportive people to help me on my journey! Your fat shaming comments just are not needed in this world! 







We need to support each other! Help each other! and if you cant say anything nice or supportive then don't say anything at all! We are all allowed our opinions but keep them to yourself if they are going to hurt someone!  










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