January 5, 2018




2018 is here and its going to be an amazing year! 



2017 was a year fill of many up's and downs! 2017 taught me many things. I went through things that i didn't enjoy but they taught me things that i needed to learn ready for 2018! 


Below is a little year in review! We did something similar at out new years eve party and i thought it was awesome so i used some of the questions from that game plus a new others one to reflect on 2017 and start the plan for 2018. 


  • Your biggest achievement this year? Standing up for myself and telling my mum how i feel! Even thou it was hard and i ended up losing her again at least i have told her how i feel. 

  • A new years resolution you kept this year? Doing more Fun things / Adventures - exploring different parts of Auckland.

  • Favorite film of the year? The Shack 

  • Favorite song of the year? Last - Micah Tyler 

  • Biggest lesson learned? To trust myself more! I know what is right and what is wrong and i need to trust myself and do what i think is best! 

  • Most memorable moment of the year? Planning a 50th birthday for my father in law! The smile on his face when his special guests arrived will forever be the best memory from 2017 

  • Best trip of the year? Snells Beach - November 2017 

  • Favorite tv show this year? Modern family & One day at a time 

  • One word to describe 2017? Roller-coaster 

  • What / Who are you most thankful for? My Husband - Tim - He has stood by me through all the ups and downs that 2017 has given me! 

  • What new things did you discover about yourself? That i can achieve things! I am not useless! i can achieve my goals if i put my mind to it! 

  • What major goal did you lay the foundations for in 2017? Getting started on becoming a nutritionist! 

  • What do you look forward to in 2018? Creating a beautiful year! Living each day like its my last and making each day AMAZING

  • Resolutions/Goals for 2018? - Completing my certificate - Working on improving my health - Exercising regularly for weight loss health and happiness - Focusing on me doing things that make me happy - Blogging more - Living life to the fullest - Embrace my health issues and do my best to live around them! 

There are so many awesome things that i want out of 2018 and over the next few weeks  i will share all my goals and dreams for the year! But for now! Here are January's focus goals!


  • Healthy Eating 

  • Exercise where possible 

  • 2l of water daily 

  • Reach my step goal - 4000 steps 

  • Self care 


What ever you goals or plans are for 2018 remember YOU can achieve them! All you have to do is decide what they are and make them important! Make time for you and have a plan for how to reach your goals! You can do it! Make 2018 your year! :) <3 




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