24 & I still have a teddy.....

January 29, 2018


 24 years old and still sleep with a teddy & it's okay! 


Almost a year ago i started to sleep with a teddy again. After week's of no sleep because of flashbacks i was really struggling! Struggling to feel safe and struggling to fall asleep. The thought of another flashback would keep me awake and i was really starting to struggle. 


One night when i was laying awake just wishing i could sleep i laid hugging my pillow and before i knew it i was asleep! When i woke up i thought gee that was strange and did a little research into why that helped me sleep. 



I quickly discovered a lot of research based on sleeping with a teddy or a pillow as an adult when you have experienced the things i have is quite normal and actually recommended. I was a little skeptical but also thought what do i have to lose? So i went down to the warehouse and found a soft cuddly teddy.


Well since that night this little teddy which is actually a little panda that i have called Pandie or Lil Pandie has helped so much! And to begin with i was a little ashamed.... I am an adult i shouldn't need a teddy but through the journey of having a teddy i have learned that it is not something to be ashamed of it is something that should be embraced! 



For me the benefits of having pandie are. On the day's when i feel super anxious it is something i can hug and hold it also settles me because i can rub the fur on the teddy and it calm's me! When i am having a super tearful day when life is just too much laying down hugging pandie  having a cry just makes everything better. When i am feeling super sick and yuck there is something so nice and healing about having little pandie next to me or holding on to her. The biggest benefit is the nights when i have a flash back and i am so scared lost and feel so alone ( Even thou 90% of the time my husband is asleep next to me i still feel alone after a flashback) I cant wake my husband as he needs his sleep for work so pandie is great because i can squeeze her tight cry and remind myself that i am safe i don't live that life anymore! 


From the research i have done around this topic it is perfectly fine and normal for adults to have a teddy they sleep with / use to help with emotional issues. The only time it is not good is if if effects normality in your life for example : If you need to take teddy everywhere with you! Cant leave the house without teddy etc! Obviously every case is different and you will know what is right for you! And as i have always said! If it is right for you ! If it makes you happy then who care's what others think! You are the most important thing and other people's views are not important! You do what you need to you make you happy and that is all that matters! 


So if you are struggling with sleep , Depression , Anxiety , PTSD maybe go out and buy a teddy and see if it helps! It helps me so maybe it will help you! Remember! You are not alone in the world! There are others who are struggling and a walking the same road as you! Reach out! Together we can get through! 


If you ever need to talk you are welcome to message me via email or on my social media ( Facebook or Instagram) 


Till next blog! Keep being awesome! Stay strong! Keep fighting the fight!! 


Melissa <3 





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