Painsomnia..... What is it & My tips!

January 30, 2018



If you have a chronic pain condition like me ( Fibromaylgia) you will know exactly what i am talking about when i say " Painsomnia" For those of you who don't understand what i am talking about this blog will explain it for you! I will also give my tip's for minimizing painsomnia. 





So what is painsomnia? Painsomnia is when you are exhausted but cant sleep because of pain. For me it is a state i end up in very often. I will be 100% tired and so ready for sleep however my legs and back are in so much pain that there is no way to get comfortable and no way to fall asleep because the pain levels are just too high. Obviously having fibromaylgia ( Fibro)  i am in a state of pain most of the time but at night it seems to be it plays up even more. And of course one of the symptom's of Fibro is insomnia so when you have pain and insomnia it creates painsomnia which is very difficult to live with. 



What painsomonia dose to me.. It causes me to have a even worse night sleep. Means i am super fatigued in the morning and for the whole of the follow day/s.  Because it hits at night when the house is asleep and it is all quite i often find that i end up over thinking things getting super anxious about stuff and feeling angry because i know that tomorrow is going to be tough and i wont be able to achieve the things i had planned to achieve because tonight i wont get much sleep. Which of course then triggers the feeling of being useless and guilty because if i cant do it then my husband has to do things. It is a horrible situation. 



I have always struggled sleep. Growing up in a un safe home sleep was a scary thing. So insomnia is nothing new to me however insomnia because of pain is a very hard thing. The normal advise for insomnia dose not work with painsomnia so i have over the years tried many things and am going to share them with you. Obviously these are things that work for me they are not guaranteed to work for anyone else. These tip's / Tricks wont take it away but it may reduce it so you are able to get some sleep. These tips are for reducing the painsomnia but also for coping with after effects of painsomnia. 




Tip's to reduce painsomnia 


Magnesium cream / Oil - I have found this amazing magnesium oil which i spray on my legs  &  back which are the main parts that i have pain over night. This relaxes the muscles and helps keep pain to a minimum. 


Wheat Pack OR hot water bottle  - Placing heat on you effected pain areas can reduce the pain enough to sleep. in summer this can be difficult as it is hot so sometimes a ice pack can be helpful but i find this not as effective 


Find the balance between doing too much and not doing enough walking during the day. I find that there is a level of movement i must achieve or i am in pain and then there is also a level of too much movement then i am in pain. So you need to find your balance.


Eating healthy and drinking enough water / herbal tea's - This is a big one for ME if  i eat / drink non healthy foods then i will feel terrible the pain will be bad and its no fun! So eating healthy and drinking lots is important 


My next biggest tip dose not do much for the pain side but it does help with sleeping. Sleep Drops , Sleep tea & Magnesium sleep cream! Using these 3 products will help you fall asleep which is a good thing. If the brain is calm and ready for sleep them sometimes it can block out the pain and send you off to sleepy land. 


Taking pain medication when pain is at a low level during the day so that it stops it from getting too bad at night




My tip's for dealing with the effects of painsomnia 


If you dont get enough sleep at night then take a nap during the day if you are able to. A little minute nap will really help. 


Plan out your jobs for the week and spread them out so they are achievable even if you are having a bad day. 


REST when needed! Sit in front of the telly and watch netflix or do a craft sitting down! Your body needs to recover! 


The day after a painsomnia sleep you need to refuel so eat healthy meals and drink lots of water! If all you do today is eat well then that is good enough! 


Have someone to talk too . The mental side of painsomnia is hard! So having a friend or counselor you can chat to is very helpful! 



They are all my current tips as i find more i will update my blog so that it is always current and helpful. 


To my fellow painsomina suffers dont forget you are not alone! We are all struggling and its okay to have days where you feel like you cant fight no more BUT keep fighting!!! Have any other tips? Let me know below or send me a message :) 


Till next time stay strong! be awesome! 


~ Melissa <3 ~ 




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