The Spoon theory

March 15, 2018



The spoon theory is a way of explaining the energy levels of someone who has a chronic illness like fibromyalgia. 


Each day a person has a limited amount of spoons. This will depend on many things such as  but not limited too: If they used are extra spoons the day before , how much sleep they had , Weather conditions & Stress level. 


Each activity you do during the day takes a certain amount of spoons. As pictured below here are some of the examples of activities and spoon usage. 



A person who follows the spoon theory will plan their days based on the spoons they have in the morning and what activities use the spoons effectively!


Planning your day means you can avoid using spoons from the following day. Using spoons from the next day means less spoons you have the next day meaning the less you can do! 


Chronic illnesses are hard to live with but following this spoon theory can really help with coping. It’s something i follow and it sure helps! 


So next time you hear someone say “ i have no spoons “ or “ Running low on spoons “ or “ All my spoons are in the wash” they are referring to this spoon theory! 


Share this with anyone you know with a chronic illness to see if it can help them! 😀 



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