Health update!

March 19, 2018



Over the last few weeks a lot has happened with my health... Two emergency hospital visits , Multiple tests, MULTIPLE GP visits and multiple medications.



And still undergoing testing for one more possible health issue. 
The hospital visits showed a lot of things that were not normal and needed further investigation.. Thankfully my GP has done the further testing and i have now been diagnosed with further health issues.




On Friday i was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes , High Cholesterol & High Blood Pressure. Was looked at in the eye by my GP who said " I am very surprised you have not had a heart attack yet" With all the stress you have in your life and all these medical issues. I Knew my health was in a bad way from the years of poor help from doctors but i had no idea how bad...... Shock to the system for sure and the wake up call i and the doctor needs to take things more seriously!


Now on a range of new medication's to help with the issues. With doctor keeping a close eye on things and adjusting medication as we go. 


So now the journey to reducing my stress , Eating right , Exercising and looking after me begins. I can't sit around and let the world effect me anymore. I take on too much of everyone else problems. I am always there for everyone in my life to listen to support and provide advice. I try to please everyone no matter how much stress that puts on me and that is just not good anymore! I now need to step back and build up my health. Focus on what is in front of me and everything else can just wait.


The last 4-6 weeks i have been so very sick and this has been made worse by the stresses caused by some family and friends so moving forward in this journey to health some changes need to happen around the relationships i have with people. Some people are getting 100% cut off and others are having contact reduced! This is a step that i absolutely hate making as i need support right now BUT i need dedicated support not temporary support and over the last few weeks with all i have faced i have had many temporary supporters but not full time ones.



This takes my list of conditions to 11 with 1 - 2 more on the cards later this year once the test are completed. Undergoing tests for suspected Endometriosis. List of all my health issues now are:


  • PCOS 

  • Fibromaylgia

  • Depression 

  • Anxiety 

  • PTSD

  • Acid Reflux 

  • Diabetes 

  • High Blood Pressure 

  • High Cholesterol 

  • Sever Migraines 

  • Asthma 


Yes this is a lot to deal with! Yes its pretty crazy! BUT no this wont be the end of me! I am a fighter and i will keep fighting ! I am stronger then all of this! I am lucky enough to have a few AMAZING supporters in my corner who will always support and lift me up when needed! I have a GP who is taking it all very seriously and is organizing all the right support and help so that is going to make it easier also. 


Would love to hear from any of my followers who have been diagnosed with Diabetes , High Cholesterol & High blood pressure if you have an tips and tricks on managing these conditions etc. Always love to hear other peoples stories. 







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