Cyst Surgery

June 20, 2018


(Avoid Reading Blog if talk about blood or images of blood are not your thing)



On Monday i finally had my surgery to remove the cyst on the top of my head. I have had this cyst for as long as i can remember. I think i was about 11 or so years old so about 14 years ago.  


When it first appeared it would grow big then shrink then get big then shrink again. Then about 5 years ago it stopped shrinking and only got bigger. It also began getting infected and causing a lot of pain.


I have been putting off this surgery for a long time due to the fear and anxiety of the surgery. I was worried about how it would go and anxious about possible complications etc. On Monday i was super super anxious but thankfully i had some amazing support and got through the anxiety wobbles and surgery went smoothly.




The big cyst they removed was over 5cm long. They also removed another 2 little cysts that were near the big one. 


This Picture is the night before surgery. It was very infected and had a scab on one of the cysts which had began to leak. It was super sore this night and was causing my anxiety to be higher about surgery the following day but was also the thing motivating me to 100% get it off because it was so so sore. 



The Surgery went well. It was scary and i was afraid but it wasn't as bad as i was expecting. The surgeon allowed my husband to come in and sit with me and hold my hand which helped keep me calm. 


I didn't feel any "Pain" but there was a lot of pulling and tugging and pushing but no actual "pain". The Surgeon & Nurse was amazing which helped my crazy anxiety. 


When i got home i had to wash my hair to get all the blood out of my hair. As of course the skull bleeds like CRAZY! i had a shower washed most of the blood out BUT it didn't all come out so my awesome husband helped get the rest out as i was so afraid of pulling the stitches out. 



I am now 2 days post operation and the pain has settled down and i have found ways to cope with the stitches. Such as wearing my hair in pig tails rather then in my normal ponytail or bun because that pulls on my stitches way too much. 


This photo was 24hrs post operation and its only getting better and better as the time goes by! Can't wait to see the finished result. Will update this blog post with new photos of the finished result once the stitches are out on Monday. 







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