What i eat!

September 12, 2018

One  question i often get  from my followers is " What do you eat" so i thought i would write a blog post about this topic in the hope that it helps people :) 


I am going to show you what my options are based on each meal and what i basically do is alternate what i am having from these lists. I tend to only have Breakfast , Lunch & Dinner as i am finding that most days i don't need a snack BUT when i do need a snack i have a list of options to pick from so that is included in this post :) 



Fried Egg on a English muffin 

Fried egg , Bacon , Halloumi

Breakfast Bowl - Egg , Bacon & Halloumi

Cheesy Egg

Egg , Mushroom & Bacon 

Bacon , Mushroom ,Spinach & Cheese omelette 

Bacon & Cheese Omelette




Note: I mainly only use chicken bacon when i use bacon as i have found this to be nicer and better for me. However sometimes i will use normal bacon.  



Chargrilled Broccoli , Bacon & Halloumi

Pumpkin soup , Carrot , Cheese & Mild Bierstick

Bacon toasted Sandwich , Cucumber & Carrot 

Soup ,Bierstick , Cucumber , cheese & Carrot 

Sandwich- Cucumber , Spinach & Beef Pastrami

Bacon , Mushroom ,Spinach & Cheese omelette

Low carb Bacon & Cheese scones 




Note: My soup is a homemade pumpkin soup OR a Pumpkin & Veggie soup . I only have sandwiches when i am having a day when i feel like my body needs more carbs OR if i need a super quick lunch. I try to avoid having bread as much as possible. 



Roast Chicken and roast veggies 

Stifry - Chicken or beef 

Butter chicken 

Beef strog

Roast veggies as a side dish 

Beef stew 




Note: These are just some examples of dinner meals! Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see more of my dinner meals 





Herbal Tea 

Sugar Free Hot Chocolate


Carrots & Cucumber sticks 

Power crunch Protein bar

Cucumber & Cheese 

Mild Biersticks

Dark chocolate 85% OR 90%

Laughing cow cheese 

Crackers ( The lowest carb ones i have found) 

Sugar Free biscuits

Zilch ice cream 

Double D Sugar free lollies



Note: The lollies , Biscuits  & Ice cream are only ever treats and there for days when i need something sweet / want a dessert. Since having them i have hardly used them but they are always there if needed! The style of eating i am doing is cutting out the bad things for me and having good options available for when i NEED them!













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