Hello! I am back!

November 15, 2018



Hello Everyone!! I hope you are all having a wonderful day! I am finally back to write blogs! 


It has been a long time since i have written a blog post! This has been for a whole lot of reasons and a lot of things have changed so this first post back is about why i haven't written a blog in a long time!


It has been over 4 months since i last wrote a blog post! I stopped writing blogs for a few reasons! There were 3 main reasons 1- My website needed a upgrade and i was struggling to have the time to focus on the upgrade 2 - I was having a lot of pain in my wrists due to a poor keyboard on my laptop and also a lot of pain in my back from siting in my office chair for longer then 10 minutes 3- I was struggling to find the mental clarity to write when struggling with being in  my office ( Spare room at my house that i have set up as a office) due to some past items reminding me of my failures. 


I have now sorted all of the the 3 things holding me back and i am ready to go! I got a new laptop with an awesome keyboard that dose not cause pain ,  A new office chair , Cleared out the office of all the things reminding me of past mistakes and failures to create a nice comfortable welcoming environment for me to write in and spent the last few days working on the website and getting that perfect! In a future blog i will go into more detail of what was in my office that reminded me of a past failure but that is not what today's blog is about! 


I  may not have been posting on my blog but i have still be sharing my journey on social media so if you want to catch up on what has happened the last few months check out my social media accounts! 


Now that i am back and into blogging again i plan to write at least 2 blog posts a week for the rest of the year! And next year i will be writing as much as possible!


If you have a blog post you would like to see me write please get in touch! I love to hear what topics my followers would like to read about! 


I want to take this time to thank all my followers who are on this journey with me! I appreciate all your support and encouragement!


That's all for this blog post! Keep an eye out for the new posts coming soon!


Talk soon! 



















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