Planning time.....Part 1

November 15, 2018


2018 is coming to an end so its time to get planning so i can make the last weeks of this year a success!


There is 6 weeks , 4 days & 11 hrs until the beginning of 2019!!! This year as been so CRAZY and i have achieved so much and i want to make sure that i end the year the same way! I want to go into 2019 strong and in a positive good way! 


This Christmas we are going away to my in-laws in Taupo! So being away from my routine requires planning and to ensure that i can stay on track over Christmas means being in the best routine now before we leave! 


This is going to be part 1 of my planning blogs! Part 2 will come in a couple of weeks! Part 1 is going to be my plans to stay on track till the day we leave for our Christmas holiday in Taupo which is 5 weeks , 1 day & 21 hours away! Part 2 will be my planning to stay on track while away but also enjoying the Christmas season and being with family! 


Today i sat down and set up my schedule , Work out plans & My routine plans! I thought i would share what my plans are and how / why i created them in case it helps someone else! 



First up my new schedule! This is my weekly schedule to how my days will be spent to make the most of my time to achieve everything i want to before the end of 2018!


My for the next 5 weeks is to focus on nutrition , Exercise and my general well being in all aspects so mental health included! So i am going to dedicate my time to looking after myself by following a morning and night routine ( see further down) , Working out twice a day during the week and once a day on the weekends , Housework & Blogging / running my social media! 


The weekends are free time where i do what is needed sometimes that's rest sometimes that jobs sometimes that's fun adventures with my husband where we go explore somewhere we have never gone before! We like to find new places online and go for a drive to them and check them out! We do this a lot more over the hotter months so get ready to see them as the hot months roll in! 




My two routines are about getting into the right head space for the time of the day. So my morning one is about feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day and my evening one is about winding down and getting ready for sleep! 


Having the dedicated time in my schedule will help me have the time to follow these routines and hopefully they will help keep me on track and feeling awesome! 

My exercise plan is pretty simple! I will be doing a strength based workout 3 mornings a week & a cardio based workout 2 morning a week. Week day afternoons will be a short ish local walk which will be a different track each after noon and weekends will be walks a little longer and further away from home! 


I love to walk but i have to walk at a place with a beautiful scenery and a different track each day or i get bored of it and it causes me to give up so i now have a list of different places on my phone and each afternoon i pick where i want to walk that day! 


Something i have always believed when it comes to exercise is you need to find what works for you and do that! So for me its walking , Boxing and strength training! So that is what i focus on and i know that walking is my absolute favorite! i love being out in the fresh air and often by the water and just breathe in the air and be in the beautiful nature! 


 So there it is my plan for the next 5 weeks before we head away to taupo for our christmas holiday with family! Stay tuned for my part 2 of this blog in the coming weeks on how i plan to stay on track over the christmas period and end 2018 on a high and start 2019 the way i want it to continue! 


As always thanks for reading this blog and if you every have any questions or comments feel free to get in touch! :) 











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