Surviving the Holiday Season

November 20, 2018

The holiday season is among us already! This year has flown by! With Christmas & the New Year coming up things can get a little interesting when it comes to staying on track and making sure i achieve my goals! I thought if this was something i struggle with then there probably is others out there who struggle to so this is my view on how to survive the holiday season. I will be doing a blog on my exact plan for the holiday season  next week so keep an eye out for that one! 


With only 35 days till Christmas this is the perfect time to start thinking about what you plan of attack with be to get through this holiday season and make sure you start 2019 off the right way! 


The number one thing to remember is that you can enjoy the holiday season without going off track! Remember that holiday season is about being with family & celebrating and that does not mean you have to over eat or ruin all the hard work you have put in this year!


My top tips for staying on track & surviving the holiday season is:


- Plan! Make a plan that includes everything you need it to ( You will see mine next week)

- Take your own foods that keep you on track and reduce temptations to eat things that are not good for you! Eg Take sugar free chocolate so you have a sweet treat to eat! 

- Allow yourself to have some of the "Treats or Bad foods" set yourself a limit so you can stay on track but still allow yourself to enjoy the celebrations  


- Keep your water intake high! this will help avoid snacking & drinking other drinks! 


- If you are planning the Christmas meal insure you include things that keep you on your plan . If someone else is planning the Christmas meal then ask them to include somethings that you can eat eg salads OR take your own salad or whatever food will keep you on track! 


Christmas does not have to throw you off your plan! Allow yourself to enjoy some treats and remember life is about balance! So enjoy your christmas time with your family enjoy the food and go for a walk! Life is to be enjoyed in a balanced way! Find your balance! 


Have any tips for getting through the holiday season? Message me then would love to create another blog post with other peoples suggestions!





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