What Christmas should be about!

November 20, 2018

Christmas is a time of year that things get a little crazy! People focus on the wrong things and don't focus on what they really should! People get caught up trying to buy the perfect gifts or the most expensive gifts! They try plan the biggest craziest Christmas food and all it does it cause stress and upset! 


Christmas is something i have always struggled with and now as an adult i try me best to focus on what it should really be about! 


Today i am going to share what my childhood Christmas's were like and what i try to make Christmas day about now that i am an adult!! Christmas is not about the presents you receive or the food you eat its about being with family! Laughing , Playing games and creating memories!


Growing up Christmas was not a time of year i looked forward to it was a time i dreaded! It was the time of year that the fighting between my mother & her partner got worse due to financial issues! It was a time of year when the drinking and gambling was increased! It was the time of year when i would have to be told on a regular basis that i didn't deserve Christmas presents and that all i deserved was a lump of coal! Although i was lucky enough to receive gifts on Christmas day something i know so many children don't get to experience. I wished i never got anything because every gift came with conditions. I often had things taken away because " Santa got it wrong and wasn't meant to give it to me" or " You didn't cook dinner tonight so i am taking your...." The only time Christmas was a happy ish memory was when my grandparents would come up from Christchurch for Christmas! Although the fighting & drinking would still happen there was love in the house because my Nana & Grandad loved us ( Me and my brother) so much and it was the best time while they were at Christmas. 


Now an adult and out of the that situation i focus on spreading love and joy at Christmas something i never experienced but that dose not mean i cant share it! I believe that Christmas is not about what we receive , Not about the food we eat , Not about what we do but about being together , laughing , Making memories & caring about people!


Christmas should be a happy time of year centered about family! Who cares about presents! Who cares what you receive! Who cares what food you eat on Christmas day! As long as you have family around you and you end the day with a heart filled with joy & love then what does it matter? 


From the girl who got little every year while she watched her brother get everything in the world from the girl who got her presents taken away from her because she didn't deserve them, I am telling you now the most important thing at Christmas is not stuff its love! And i know this because the few Christmas i got to spend with my grandparents were the best and not because of anything they gave or the food we ate it was their love , hugs and their time that made it great! 


So this Christmas season! Take a step back! Don't panic over Christmas gifts or what food to cook! Focus on LOVE , HAPPINESS , JOY and FAMILY! Create happy memories for you and you family! Lets bring the meaning of Christmas back to what it should be! 


To all those in a family where the meaning of Christmas is not love & happiness! Know that my thoughts are with you all! For anyone hurting this Christmas season so any reason know you are not alone and my thoughts and love go out to you all! As always anyone who needs to chat feel free to get in touch!


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