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December 2, 2018


This is all all about what , how and why i do food prep each week! After posting last week on Facebook my organised food prep for the week i had a lot of questions about my food prep so thought i would share here for all those who are interested. 


First lets start with why i do this! I meal prep because it makes things so much easier during the week which then leaves less room for falling off the track! For me having so many health issues the most simple tasks are so hard. So if during the week i have a bad day with pain i wont eat the healthiest if i haven't prepared it before hand. My current system means my lunch is made in less then 5 minutes and dinner prep is cut down majorly. Also means i have healthy snacks prepared and available for when i need something to snack on. 


Next thing to discuss how i meal prep. How do i decide what to meal prep. I always find that Lunch and dinner is the hardest part of my day to stay on top of as by this time of the day pain levels have started to get high etc so i focus on prepping my lunches and dinners as much as i can. Before i start my meal prep on a Sunday i look at what i am doing for my lunches and for dinners this week. Once i know what i am eating for the week i then can workout what to prepare / meal prep. Most weeks its the same or similar things so that makes things a  lot easier. 


Now for the final thing , What do i meal prep. As said about most weeks its the same or very similar so what i have done is included all the things i did for this weeks meal prep to give you all an understanding of what i do :) 



 For Lunches i prepare Kumara Bacon salad , Capsicum slices , Cucumber slices & Carrot sticks. This is because for lunches i enjoy a platter style lunch where i have Sliced Meat & veggies! By cutting all the ingredients on a Sunday it means when it comes to lunch time i just have to get the containers out of the fridge and put a range of veggies on my plate and lunch is done! 


For snacks i prepare boiled eggs , Place my fruit in container either berries or grapes & i make some kind of bliss ball/ protein ball sometimes i make my own ones that i created or this week i have used the clean mixes for the first time to see how they are. 


For dinners i prepare the veggies we tend to use for roasts so Pumpkin , Cauliflower & Broccoli this means on the nights where i am having roast veggies i just need to peel a kumara and throw all the veggies in a tray and into the oven rather then having to stand and cut all the ingredients! 


You can see pictures of all the items i have done this week! Being prepared sure helps me stay on track & makes life so much easier during the week! To see more about what i eat & why see this blog post here.













































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