Planning time..... Part 2

December 2, 2018


This blog follows on from my previous planning blog which you can read here


This post is going to cover my plan for staying on track during the Christmas and new year celebrations! This year we are going away to Taupo for Christmas to spend it with my husbands family. This means i have to be well planned and ready to stay on track and keep up with the things i am working towards! 


My goal for this holiday season is to stay on track with my eating & exercise while also allowing myself to have a few treats and enjoy the time with family! So here is the game plan! 


Exercise : While we are away in Taupo it will be instead of doing two workouts a day it will be one walk a day! More then likely in the early morning or in the late evening depending on the plans for the day that we have with family! Totally lucky to be going to a beautiful place with an incredible lake that i love walking around so that sure will make the exercise part easy! Once we are back home i will be aiming to get back into my 2 workouts a day ( Either a home workout & a walk or 2 walks) However i am also going to be real & some days that wont happen some days it will only be a walk and that's all and that's okay! As long as i do something that is all that matters! 


Nutrition/ Food : This is where the planning really comes in! Making sure that i have access to all the things i need while being away to stay on track the best way possible! So my plan is to take with me all my sugar free goodies so that when the rest of the family are having treats i can have my treats that keep me on track! As for eating the rest of the time my focus is going to be on making the best choices possible! So having the healthiest food that is available and fits inside of my plan! I will be allowing myself to be more flexible then i currently am BUT wont be going overboard as my goals and health mean too much to eat bad things and ruin all my hard work. 


Christmas is about being with family and creating happy wonderful memories! And that is what i will be doing this Christmas all while keeping my goals in check! Its more then possible to enjoy yourself and keep on track at the same time! You just have to make the plan and work with what you have! 


When going out to a restaurant or cafe YOU have the choice what to eat you can pick something that will not help your goals or YOU can pick something that helps towards your goals! The same goes for when you are at a family members house this Christmas season! You can eat and over eat all the food that wont help towards you goals or you can eat the foods that will help you and have a few little treats of things that you wouldn't have! 


As an example based on past Christmas's my family has had. We have a BBQ lunch with lots of salads and meats followed by desserts! Old me would eat lots of the main meal and lots of the desserts! Me this year will eat my portion of main meal , have 1 or 2 small treats and then use my sugar free goodies as a fill in IF i want more treats! I wont be missing out on the food BUT i will be in control of what i eat! 


This Christmas season for me is about being with family creating memories and making sure i stay on track to walk into 2019 the best possible way!


Hope you all have a wonderful christmas and holiday season! Be with your families create happy memories and enjoy yourself! 



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