2019 - Goals & Plans

January 24, 2019



This blog post is one that is VERY overdue! 24 days into the new year and i am FINALLY sitting down to write this blog! Sorry to those who have been waiting for this blog post that i promised to do at the start of January! This post is going to contain all my goals & plans for this coming year! I like to set myself goals that i can work on throughout the year!




This year i have created a very good way to set my goals and be able to work towards achieving them. I have created a notebook on my computer/ phone using the program/app called One-note. I have then decided which Areas/ Categories of my life that i have things that i want to achieve / change and then i was able to set goals under the areas/categories. 




I have the following categories/areas: Physical Health , Mental Health , Life , Goals for my journey pages & blog , Books i want to read , challenges i want to do & Walks i want to do. Here are my plans under these category's 


Health: Lose another 20kg , Exercise more ,Manage my PCOS better , Do the PCOS program , Focus on taking my supplements & Focus on finding the best nutrition plan for me. 


Mental Health:  Return to counselling , Come to terms with my past and heal from it , Understand narcissistic parents & Manage my Anxiety depression & ptsd so that they no longer control my life.


Life goals : Look at starting a course and building a career , Enjoy life by going on more adventures and creating awesome memories , Focus on self care & Build a better routine / lifestyle. 


Goals for melz journey : These are goals i have in regards to the social media platforms i share my journey on so my Facebook , Instagram & website/blog - These goal are : Write more blogs, Create a really good support group for woman on a journey to better health & Create more recipes 


The Walks , Challenges and books tab are just my goals for those areas. Not really worth sharing at this stage BUT if you want to see more about those categories please let me know and i will share them! 



This is a full picture of ALL my pages in this notebook! What i like to do is have monthly goals this way i have things to focus and work towards! Having a plan makes things a lot more achievable. Each month i sit down and look at over all the goals listed above and decide which ones i am going to dedicate time to this month. 


So for January the goals are: 

  • Join DBF 10 week PCOS program

  • Start Counselling -16/01/19

  • Exercise at least 4 times a week

  • Get up earlier! 5am week days 6am weekends

  • Take supplements daily!

  • Get into a good routine ready to smash 2019

  • Water walk at least once the include in exercise plan in Feb 

This has meant that this month i have been able to focus on these things are start to tick them off as i achieve them! I have already achieved quiet a few from the list with a few more to do! Whatever  i don't achieve this month will get added to the February month goals! Its okay to move goals throughout the year as things change. 



Then i also have a Quotes , NSV and notes pages in this notebook! I have these because that way i can keep track of awesome things from this year and look back over them at the end of 2019! A way to keep anything important and awesome all in one place! 





So there we go! That is the plans & goals for 2019! No doubt over 2019 i will develop other goals that i want to achieve and i will share them as that happens but this for now is the current game plan!  2019 for me is all about focusing on ME and creating the best possible year i can! Focused on improve me & the life i live to best benefit me! I want to let go of the hurt and be happy! New blog post will be coming over the next few days / week! I have so much to write about and share and i am finally in a space where i can do that! 

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