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April 17, 2019


One of my most common questions is " What is a fibro flare"  this comes from those that don't have fibro wanting to understand the term fibro flare that i use often and another common question asked by those with fibro is " What do i do to manage / get through a fibro flare" Because these topics relate to each other i have decided to write just the one blog post about these two questions . 


Fibro flares just like fibro are different for everyone! Some of the things i do to cope/ manage my flares might not work for you! Just like some of the things you do might not work for me! It is important to remember that everything on my blogs are from my opinion and are what works for me. 


What is a flare:


A fibro flare is when any of the symptoms you experience are worse then the normal for you!  A flare can cause an increase in one or all of your symptoms!


Those with Fibro always have the symptoms of Fibro we never get a break from our symptoms however we do learn to cope / manage with our symptoms and that become our " normal" so when we say " we are having a flare" this mean one , multiple or all our symptoms are worse then what is our " normal". 


The length that a flare affects us is variable. Sometimes a day , a week , a few weeks , a month , a few more or even longer! Fibro flares are unpredictable and we can never estimate just how long we will be affected by a flare. 


Flares can be  minor , mild or major! They can also go between the levels  over a flare time as well. For example : First day of a flare might be mild second day minor third day major then back to mild etc! It is never the same! Each flare will be different to the last. Flares will always be unpredictable because it depends on what has triggered the flare.  


What triggers a flare:

  • Weather changes

  • Change in temperature

  • Stress - Overdoing it! / Doing too much

  • Poor sleep

  • Illness / sickness

  • Injury 

  • Individual sensitivities - Light , Noise Or smells 

  • Travel


For me my biggest triggers are cold weather, Stress , travel & sickness


Knowing what your triggers are can be helpful. This can help you manage your fibro from hitting a major flare. This is something i will write more about in an upcoming blog as i am doing a post on " How i mange my Fibro" 




How i get through a fibromyalgia flare:


The biggest thing i do during a flare is LISTEN TO MY BODY! To get through a flare you have to listen to what your body needs to do to ease the flare. 


During my flares i do my very best to eliminate all the triggers and take very good care of myself. Self care is important always but especially during a flare! 



I will spend my days resting , Watching a movie or tv show & sleeping when needed! When our body's are fighting a flare we need to stop and rest! Especially on the bad flare days. On the days where the flare is minor i will  do a few little jobs spaced out throughout the day. On bad days i wont do anything except focus on getting through the day the best i can. 

Depending on the flare i sometimes will do light exercise as i have found that on a minor flare day it can help! This is a case by case basis! 



 During minor flares like today i will sit in my arm chair with my electric blanket and do some blog work and any other tasks i can from my laptop. This makes me feel like although my body is sore which means i cant achieve anything today i am still achieving things just not in a physical sense! Sometimes this is not possible if the flare is one that causes extreme brain fog or eye sight issues. 





My survival kit for flare days:


  • Hot water bottles 

  • Wheat Packs 

  • Electric throw blanket ( It's a heated blanket similar to an electric blanket but not for your bed) 

  • Blankets 

  • Magnesium cream & oil to apply to sore areas. 

  • Netflix! Binge watching all those shows that make me smile.

  • Water / Tea / Sugar Free hot chocolate its important to keep hydrated! 

  • Healthy Snacks that i can just grab & eat! When having a flare it can be so hard to make food let alone make healthy choices so its important to have healthy snacks on hand to grab on these day.


Fellow fibro warriors if you have things that you use on flare days that help you please comment below , email me  or send me a message on one of my social media accounts. Would love to be able to add your tips and survival items to this blog to help others. 


If you have any further questions about  Fibro flares please get in touch with me and i will be happy to chat! 






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