My feelings about Mothers Day

May 2, 2019


Mothers day is a topic that i have feelings and opinions that will be different to most. This is something i have often kept to myself however i feel like i need to write about it because i want to have these topics talked about because i believe there will be others who feel the same. 


Because this is a topic that i know not everyone will agree with i feel it appropriate to remind everyone reading this that we are all allowed our opinions and views! I am more then happy for ANYONE to let me know that they have a different view but please do it nicely! There is no need for any nasty comments on this topic. 


The base of my opinion is i don't like mothers day. I have three reason's for this opinion which i am going to share today. 




My first reason for this opinion is because there are many mothers who don't deserve to be thanked , Praised and sent love and gifts but society makes mothers day something that you must take part it. For example for me my mother does not deserve ANYTHING on mothers day at all. After everything she has done to me why should i shower her in gifts and love? What should i be thanking her for? And yet EVERY year growing up and until i removed her from my life i felt expected to do big things for her because society teaches us that this is what we are "supposed " to do and if we don't then we feel bad. 


My second reason is  if you have a mum who deserves praise , love and gifts shouldn't you be doing this all year around? Why do we leave it for ONE day a year to thank them?? I know of some families who treat their mums like absolute crap year round but on mothers day are all love and happiness. It seems CRAZY to me! I am and always have been of the belief that you should LOVE , THANK , GIVE GIFTS etc year around to those who you love! This is also my feelings about valentines day!


My Third reason is I dont like it being called " Mothers day"  for many of us our mums were terrible but we may have someone or other people in our lives that are important and we want to thank them. Personally mothers day for me is about thanking and showing love to ALL women in my life who have been there for me. For me this year i am sending big thanks to two incredibly special women from my family who have stood by me through this rough patch and through the years. They are not my mum and i used to feel weird about giving gifts for mothers day to anyone who was not my mum or more recently my husbands mum but i no longer do! From this year on i am embracing life as women with no "mother" and celebrating the women who i do have in my life! To me it should be Celebrating the women in your life not just ya "mother" 


So to all those who don't have a mum this mothers day maybe you too can do what i have done thank and celebrate other women in your life who have loved you , supported you , are there for you no matter what!!


Mothers day will always be one of those topics that affect people differently. I think the BIGGEST thing i want people reading this to take away from this blog is the following 


  • YOU don't have to celebrate your mum if she is horrible to you 

  • YOU Don't have to celebrate your MUM you can celebrate you  nan , aunty , sister , cousin friend , neighbor ANYONE you want to.

  • Whoever you choose to celebrate make sure you treat them kind , show them love & thank them all year around not just one day a year.

If you have any questions , comments or anything feel free to message me anytime! 









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