PCOS Survival kit

May 2, 2019

 Recently i have been asked a lot of questions in regards to what i use to help my PCOS symptoms so i thought i would write my survival kit which is all the things i use to manage my PCOS & what i use during my PCOS flares / Bad times. 


Always remember that what works for me might not work for you! If you are unsure about trying something make sure you do you own research and speak to your doctor if in doubt. 


My Blog post here explains about the symptoms i experience which will help in understanding why these are the products i use to help my PCOS.


WARNING: Being a post about PCOS there is talk about periods and bleeding. If you don't like reading about periods this is not a blog you should be reading. 


There are many products i use to manage and to help me on my bad days. I am going to list all these below as well as links to where they can be purchased from. I am also sharing my opinions on the product and why i use them. If you have any further questions about a product feel free to message me. I am also including a few companies that have experiences with  PCOS that i have found helpful.

Balance - This supplement contains everything you need to help balance your PCOS symptoms. It is created by Drew Baird who runs Healthy PCOS an awesome facebook page , website & PCOS course. I have found following drew's pages to be so helpful as they contain SO much info on PCOS. I also did his PCOS course which helped me to gain a further understanding of my PCOS.


I have been taking balance since December 2018 and have found it to be helpful with my PCOS symptoms. 


Links to all the pages referenced above: 


Healthy PCOS facebook page here

Balance here

Drews Fitness page here


Hormone support tea - This  is made by a company called The Wholesome Co they are an amazing company that specialize in woman's hormones & womans health. I have found the tea to be helpful with period cramps and general PCOS pains. I have found a lot of the products that they sell to fantastic i will be doing a full review on this company in the coming weeks with all the products i use and what i think of them. I really love following them on Instagram and Facebook because the lovely lady who created and runs the company has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hormones. 


Tea  here 

Facebook here

Instagram here


 Raspberry leaf tea-  


This is the one i get here.


Iorn supplement - As mentioned in my previous blog which is linked above. I often get extremely heavy periods and when this happens i end up very unwell. It took me a long time to realize that i was getting very low in iorn during this time and it was causing  my body to have a meltdown. I would end up passing out or coming close too and being super super tired. So now i take a iorn supplement during my period to help me. 


This is the one i get here.


Wheat Pack &Hot water bottle - Placing these on my stomach to ease the pain! I can't got anywhere without taking my wheat packs & hot water bottles i always need them! 


Hotteeze - These are like little mini portable wheat packs that heat up  and stick to you so you can carry on with life. I use these when i am in a lot of pain and need to go out because they stick to me i don't have to sit down or hold them i can walk around go shops etc. instantly


Available here and also at your local pharmacy's 


Tens Machine -  When i remember to use it this is the absolute BEST for PCOS pain! It helps with pain relief so much. My model has clips so i am able to walk around with it on. 


This is my one here.


Tailor Skin Care: Acne has been a MAJOR problem for me because of PCOS. I hunted for a long time to find a skin care that helped with my skin. I have been using Tailor skin care for about 6 months and it has helped my skin so much! I got the You blend which is a specific one for your type of skin and it has helped heaps! 

You Blend here

Other products here


These are all the products i can think of that help at the moment if i think of anymore i will add them to the list later and update my social media to let you all know i have added more to the list. 



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