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August 12, 2019

So its been a while since i wrote a blog and its been a few weeks since i posted on my social medias so i thought i would write a quick blog update and share my plans at the moment. 


Since my last blog in May things have been busy! I have been sharing on my social media but not on my blog. So lets start with an update on whats been happening.



In June was a big month i moved to my new doctor and started my new course! I moved doctors as my previous GP was not the best and i needed to get a doctor who was going to walk along side me in this journey. Thankfully i found a really good Doctor who has started to help me get things sorted. I was referred to the Diabetes specialist team and i saw them 2 weeks ago. I have started on a new medication and am waiting on for an appointment with the diabetes dietitian team so they can provide advise on my nutrition etc. This new medication is a trial for a month as we wait to see if it works well for me. Fingers crossed it all goes well as if it does not i have to go on a non-funded medication which is expensive. The medication has been giving me a few side effects but hopefully that settles soon.  


I started my course - Diploma in counselling & psychology and it has been going AMAZING! This is something i have wanted to do for SO long and now that i am doing it i am so happy and absolutely loving it. More on this in my next blog later this week.


In July i started a 8 week challenge and have been focused on getting on track with my weight loss journey. I then got super sick for 2 weeks and then got back on track and was smashing my goals and then the last two weeks i have fallen off the wagon again. Side effects of medication , Over doing it with appointments and then this past week i had to do a lot of cleaning for our rental inspection. This week i am hoping to get back on track and start smashing my goals again. 


Among all of this i have been dealing with some family issues , Focused on my counselling journey which is apart of my process to healing my past and of course walking my grief journey after losing my father earlier this year.


Because of all the busyness i haven't had a chance to do any blogs! I have so many blogs planned but just have not had the chance to get any done. I am still trying to find the balance between everything i am trying to achieve. 



Now the updating is done now for the plan going forward! 


August and September are hard months for me due to family things ( More on this later) so for the next two months my plan is to focus on doing the best i can.. I need to learn that its okay to be upset  , its okay to have days where i don't do what i planned & its okay to do what i need to look after myself. 


So the plan for the next few weeks is : 


  • Keep up with my study 

  • Aim for 1-2 blogs per week 

  • Send out my Journey times email either weekly or fortnightly. 

  • Keep up with my Nutrition & weight loss journey 

  • Focus on my overall health & mental health


Do you have any blog topics you want me to cover? Anything you want to know more about? Feel free to email me - melz_journey@yahoo.com and i will add this to my list of topics and write about it when i can. 


As always if you want to ask anything or need someone to chat to feel free to contact me on my social media accounts or via email.


Next blog coming very soon! 


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