Mental health

October 1, 2019


Over the years i have come to realize the importance of keeping my mental health in a good place. But sometimes i end up letting the outside world affect me too much and i don't take care of my mental health that well. The last few months i have been on a downward spiral when it comes to my mental health. Things have been getting on top of me and i have not been prioritizing me and my health. 


One of my biggest focuses at the moment are to ensure that i keep my mental health in a good place because it really affects everything when i am not in a headspace. I have taken some time to identify what has been causing my downward spiral and create a plan to get me back into a good place & to keep in a good place. 


I often get a lot of questions about my mental health and how i manage my mental health so i thought i would write my mental health plan in a blog for all those for are interested. There are multiple elements to my mental health 


  • The newest addition to my mental health plan is mental health Saturday ( or Sunday) the first weekend of every month either Saturday or Sunday is dedicated to my mental health.  I did this last month and will continue to do this every month. Turning my phone off & Doing things that make me happy and fill my happiness cup. This could be going out and doing something OR just staying home watching my favorite movie or playing a game etc


  • Do not disturb & Bedtime mode  on my phone - I have these on at night which means i don't get any notifications and can focus on my night routine and relaxing before bedtime. My sleep is easily affected  so i need to limit anything that could upset me , worry me or make me angry before bed so i can actually get some sleep.


  • Affirmations and quotes - I have daily affirmation cards & quote wall books that i use which i got from this website here. I also have quotes all around my house that keep me in a positive mood. 


  • Exercise - Regular exercise helps boost my mood and that of course helps with all my mental health! Every time i can't exercise for a while due to my physical health i end up in a very negative headspace. So this is one super important part of my mental health plan. 

  • Meditation - This is helpful when my mind is on over drive and i am feeling super anxious to stop and take some time to breathe and relax. Also listen to a meditation every night to go to sleep 


  • Following my morning and evening routines - This is one of my biggest parts of my plan. A good routine helps my days run smooth and limits anxiety. Also means i keep busy and means depression stays at bay. Life is so much better when i stick to my routines. 


  • Writing in my journal - Writing my thoughts , feelings , worries etc. This helps to keep my mind clear and process anything that is on my mind. Its a great way to release anything rather then constantly thinking about things. 


  • Taking time out for me doing things i like such as Listening to music , Coloring , watching tv or a movie etc. 



That's my mental health plan! This is how i get my mental health to be in a good place! Now i just have to get back into all these things to make things better again. 



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