The rest of 2019

October 1, 2019

Crazy to think there is only 3 months left of 2019! What a year it has been so far! This year has brought so many ups and downs! Things have not gone to plan for me. I had  so many things i wanted to achieve but in reality have achieved not many of them!


So with it being the final 3 months i thought it was time to STOP re-evaluate my goals and make some plans for the rest of the year to ensure i am  end the year in a good place and start 2020 off well!!


So below are the things i am going to focus on for the next 3 months.  Going to work as hard as i can to achieve the things i want to achieve! I do not want to be in the same place i am at the moment at the end of the year so time to make some changes! 





  • Healthy eating - Focus on healthy basic eating for too long i have been over complicating eating trying to follow what others think i should be doing and ending up failing and eating crap! So i am going back to basics and just going to focus on eating food and tracking my meals on the My fitness pal app & website. My plans is  Sugar free , Meal prep lunches , Starting bargain box for week night dinners again to cover week night dinners 


  • Lose 10-15 kg 

  • Water Water Water 2.5-3L daily

  • Take my Supplements & medication daily 




  • Becs 8 week challenge - Another chance to get some extra support & motivation on my journey to losing weight & getting healthy. Loved the last challenge and hoping that the next one starting in a few weeks will keep me on track. 

  • Get my new photo ID sorted - I got married 4 years ago but still have not sorted a new photo id with my new last name! Need to hurry up and get this sorted.

  • Complete 2 full modules of my course - My course has a unlimited time frame to complete which is FANTASTIC for me with my health issues causing days where i can't study. BUT i still set myself goals and deadlines to keep me moving forward. I want to complete at least 2 full modules/units before the end of the year. Hopefully i can achieve more but  this is the least i want to achieve. 

  • Exercise - As much as i can within my physical limitations. I want to try and exercise more then i don't every month for the next 3 months.


  • Focus on my mental health - Keeping up with my mental health plan to keep me in a positive head space. You can read more about my mental health in this blog here. 

  • Write more blogs 

  • Keep with my daily routines 

  • Reduce my stress levels - Recently i have allowed a lot of stress back into my life and it has begun to really affect me so i am going to do all i can in the next 3 months to reduce my stress again. 






 So from today these are the things i am going to focus on! Will be sharing my progress on my instagram , Facebook and will write some blog posts also. Make sure your following me on my social media accounts to follow my journey! 


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