October 1, 2019


This year has been a interesting one for me! My father passed away in March , I started studying and i have been working on myself A LOT! Through this year i have learned  a lot about myself and who i am and who i am wanting to become. With that there are some things that i am no longer going to be doing and some things that i am going to start doing. 


I don't want to wait till 2020 to make these changes i want to start them now and carry them with me through 2020 and beyond. I wanted to explain what there changes are so that people know what is happening and so that you can choose if you want to stay and walk this journey with me or leave because you no longer support my journey. This goes for those who only follow me online and to those who know me in person as well. I have always said i would rather lose supporters that no longer like me then have people stay around who don't support & like me. 


There are a few area's where things will be changing so i am going to split this blog up into those areas so that it easy to understand. 

From now on i am going to be posting a lot more serious blog posts about my past and the things i have been through. This year has taught me that i have a story to share and although i love sharing it daily on my social media accounts i want to do more! Go into more details and write multiple blogs around a similar topic! Share the things that have affected me , Strengthened me , Taught me & Made me who i am today etc. 


My goal in life is to help and i feel like this is one of the many ways that i can help! I want to share what i went through , what i go through and what i am learning about myself and what i am learning through my course. I want this blog to become a place that i can look back at and see how far i have come! I want this blog to be a place that can inspire & help others who are struggling.


This year i have had so many people message me saying that my sharing is helping them in their lives. Sharing my honest and true experiences is making people feel less alone! Sharing more in depth stuff will hopefully help more people.  

My social media pages will be my daily life and i will share what is important to me no longer will i be posting to please others. 


Last year and early this year i have been concerned about what i should and shouldn't post as i don't want to upset anyone! But since being on this journey this year to understanding me i have realized that it really does no matter if people get upset by  my posts! 


This is my journey , my pages & my blog! I can post as much or as little and about whatever i want. If you don't like what i post then your welcome to un-follow at anytime! 


I will no longer be available for people who are not there for me! For too long have i given my all to so many people and received little or nothing back! From now i will be treating people how they treat me . This goes for online friends , personal friends & family! I don't have time to sit around and be taken for granted. 


When my father passed away early this year i experienced a whole new level of depression! I struggled more then i ever have and i had a lot of people who i thought would support me walked away. Some of the people i trusted more then anything have left me to struggle on my own and even after discussing this with them they still have continued to not support me. This now has meant i need to think carefully about who i allow in to my life and how i allow people to treat me. 


I lived in a home where i was treated horribly and expected to still love those treating me bad! One thing i have learned is i do NOT deserve to be treated like shit! I deserve to be treated right and be respected! So from now on i am not accepting anything less then what i deserve . Anyone who treats me otherwise will be removed from my life. 


For those who don't support me they will not get support from me! I will treat you with the same amount of care , support & respect that you show me! 


I have one goal and that is to become the healthiest happiest me i can be and i will not stop until that is achieved! You can read more about my goals and plans in this blog post here. If you no longer want to be on this journey with me due the changes i am making i totally understand. If this is the end of you walking this journey with me i want to thank you for being with me this far. Your support and encouragement has meant a lot! If your sticking with me and continuing to walk this journey with me thank you for your ongoing support and i hope to connect with you more through this journey. Always happy to chat! You can contact me via my social media accounts or my email is


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