In one day everything changed

October 9, 2019


Growing up i never knew my father and my fathers family. I grew up thinking that another man was my father until my memory started to come back and i started to question who was my father and then i got told from my mother who really was my dad. I will cover this topic of how i discovered that my father was a different man to who i was told was my father for my whole life in a different blog as that is a topic to cover on its own. 


I remember the day i asked my mother and the discussion i had with her. She told me my dad's name and that he was a horrible man and that i was not allowed to meet him. I was 13 years old when i was told this and all i wanted was to meet my dad to get a chance to decide for myself what kind of person he was. But i was not allowed. 


All i wanted was to find my dad and my family. To know who they were and who i am! To find the missing pieces of my puzzle. To find out if i had family who loved me being as the one i grew up in hated me so much. I was so young i had no idea how to go about finding them. I assumed i wouldn't get a chance till i was a lot older. 


Fast forward a few months and i was sent to Christchurch to stay with my grandparents ( My mothers parents). I was sent down to stay with them for 3-6 months because my mother needed a "break" from me. More on that in a upcoming blog.  One Wednesday i was sitting at the mall with my granddad having lunch. We were sitting at the food court granddad was having his muffin break and me a McChicken from McDonald's. We did this every single Wednesday.


There were these people on a table near by who kept staring at me and some where in the mall i could hear someone keep calling out Melissa which of course is my name . I didn't recognize these people at all so was a little confused. 


After our lunch we went to countdown.. My granddad was acting very strange and i was unsure why. While walking around countdown this women came up towards me. I recognized  her as one of the ones sitting with the people at the food court. What she told me next changed my life forever. 


She said she was a friend of my nana's and that was my nan and aunty she was sitting with before. Here is your nana's number . If you want to contact her she would love to talk to you. I was absolutely shocked! Not only did i never think i would meet my family i was told my nana had died but here i am getting told she is alive. 


I was 13 almost 14 years old! It was absolutely crazy! I was so shocked! We went home and i talked to my Grandmother who i was living with about what happened and asked her what i should do. She told me to contact my nana and gave me her phone to call her. 


I rung my nan that night and talked to her for  a long time! Found out all about her my dad and my auntie. It was such a great conversation but boy was i confused and in shock. The following day i got to meet my Nan and my auntie. Dad was working out of town so i had to wait a little longer to meet him. I was so nervous meeting Nan & auntie. I was so worried they would hate me like my mum did. But i let those thoughts so and meet with them. 


Will never forget that first hug! Boy did i cry and so did they!! It was the best moment ever! Being united with family that i had hoped i had for a long time. We went to the lady who came up to me with the numbers place and we spent the day together. I also got to talk to my dad for the first time that day. Boy that was an interesting conversation. So crazy talking to my dad for the first time ever! It was so awesome to hear his voice and know that i had a dad finally. The next day i was getting to meet him! And i was so excited but bloody nervous. 


The day finally came and my Nan came to pick me up and we went to her house where i would later meet my dad. I remember this day like it was yesterday! Nan went to pick dad up from the bus and me and my auntie were at the house. I went to the bathroom i was feeling so anxious and just needed  a moment to myself when i heard my auntie yell out " THEY ARE BACK!!!!" Panic set in real bad what if he dose not like me? What if he hates what i look like just like my mum does? What the heck am i doing? But i shut the voices up and went and stood with my auntie in the lounge and waited for him to come in. 


I watched him walk past the window  and into the garage waiting for him to walk through the hallway door shaking i was so anxious . He walked in and the biggest smile ever came across his face as he walked up to me and gave me the biggest hug. I will never forget the moment that i finally had my dad and i felt safe & loved! I cried for so long as i stood there hugging my dad a moment i didn't think i would ever experience. That moment i will hold with me forever! 


The craziest of rides meeting my family! It brought my heart so much joy to finally know them!! 

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