Working with my limitations

October 22, 2019


Over the years I have had a lot of health issues which have caused a range of limitations to my life. To start with I let those limitations control my life BUT now I have learned to live my life working within my limitations 


My limitations are nothing more the physical limitations due to pain! For many years I thought because of my health issues I will never be able to achieve anything so why bother trying? But I was looking at it wrong! Yes physically I am limited but mentally I am just as good as anyone else! And my physical health is something I need to work with. Find ways to live with  it rather then let it run my life 


When I changed this mind set it changed my life! I have been able to look at my health issues completely  differently! I used to really hate my health and my life but now I just see them as another thing that I will find my way through and a another thing gives me the ability to connect with others on a level many others can't. My health is another thing I can use to help , It is another tool I can use to make the impact I want to on the world. 


Just like my childhood trauma it is not a limitation it is a motivation and a tool! My past and my health conditions are all things I need to have experienced and experience to be able to do what I believe is my mission! My mission to ensure no one feels alone! No child nor no adult! 


It has taken me MANY years to get to this point! It is not something that happens over night but it is something I believe we all need to get too. Working within our limitations , being proud of our limitations as they make us who we are & being honest about our limitations. 


Your limitations whatever they are don't need to hold you back! Find a way to use them as fuel to drive you! Find ways to work with them and live life to the fullest of YOUR abilities! Don't let them hold you back! Weather it is Mental limitations OR physical limitations find ways to work with them so they don't run your life! 


For me it was accepting that I can't do things on a physical level that others can . Example getting a job that requires a lot of walking , Standing , lifting or travel would be something that right now and for the near future I can't achieve especially right now BUT there is nothing wrong with me looking for jobs that I can work from home where I can manage my physical health while working. Another example is with my study I can't go to university and do what most others do because my physical health can not handle that BUT I can study from home and still achieve what I want to achieve! 


I may have physical limitations BUT I am still ME a woman with a goal a woman with a plan a woman with the abilities to achieve A LOT while working with her limitations. 


So no matter what your limitations are stop looking at them as things that are holding your back in life and start looking at ways you can live a full life with the limations. Find ways to manage your health and achieve the things you want to achieve. 



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