Exercising with pain

November 7, 2019


Exercising with pain is something i have had to learn how to do. It's not easy to exercise when you have fibro or any kind of chronic pain. But it is known to help certain types of pain and of course is great for your mental health. So the question is how?


Well i can only share how my experiences with pain and exercise. If you have anything to add feel free to comment below or message me and i can add your ideas in as well.  


For me some days my pain is really bad and other says my pain is limited. So because of that my ability to exercise changes every single day. Some days I can do heaps of exercise , Other day I can only do limited exercise and some days I can't do any at all. 



The most important thing when it comes to exercise while managing pain is to ALWAYS listen to your body. You have to find a balance between exercise and rest when it comes to pain. You need to balance the good days , the mild days and the bad days and do what you can on those days. For me that means on really bad days I don't do any intentional exercise. This means I don't do a workout I just do the things I have to do eg housework , Shopping etc. On my mild pain days I will do 15-20 minutes on my treadmill or go for a light walk. On my limited pain days I make the most of it and I will do my treadmill walk and another workout later in the day.


It's important to find exercises that work for you and your body / health. For me i find that treadmill walks , walking , water walking , boxing and weight circuits are the best options for me. I then do one of these exercises depending on the level of my health that day. 


Taking your time is also very important! Who cares if it takes you 30 minutes to walk 1km all that matters is that you did it! It does not matter how long it takes you! You do you! You do what your body can handle at the pace your body can handle! 



The next thing is to ensure you recover properly. It is so important to ensure that you do what you can to assist your recover. This is important for anyone but is extra important for anyone with chronic pain. For me recovery is rest , protein shakes , BCAA supplement , magnesium cream & more rest! 


There reality of all chronic pain health conditions is there will be days where you can't exercise and that is totally okay. We need to learn to make the most of the good days and manage the bad days the best we can. Life with chronic pain is a balancing act! It is something we learn to do to the best of our abilities with our limitations.


Exercising with pain can seem like something very daughnting but it is something that can be managed you just have to find the best way for you! Take your time and try new things and you will find a plan that works! 






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