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October 31, 2019


Over the last year i have been on a journey to reduce my sugar in take and be as sugar free as possible. I often get asked what are my favorite products and where i get them from! 


When i first started i couldn't find many products and what i could find was from overseas not here! But then i discovered a few places to get awesome products right here in NZ!


There are two main NZ company's that i use  on a regular basis as well as some items i get from the supermarket. I will list each item under each business with a link to their website for you to check out the products. You can click on their logo's below to be taken straight to the websites! 



  • Vitawerx chocolate - My favorites are the Choc bar  , White choc , Fruit & nut and the Milk Choc coconut rough

  • Sweet NZ  - This is the best range of sugar free sweeteners i have ever tried! 

  • Well Naturally chocolate -creamy milk chocolate , Milk Chocolate Coconut ,Valencia Orange Dark

  • Sugarless Co products - My absolute favorite  from this brand are:  Aura Hard Boiled Lemon,Be Smart Chocolate Beans,Cool Jac Fruit Jelly Sharks,Charming Snake Jellies,Strawberry Chews

  • Well Naturally - Acai Superfood Bar 

  • Novo protein bars - These are all delicious! 

  • Sugar Free maple syrup





  •  Snaxx range - A delicious range of 60 second muffins , brownies & pancakes great for quick deserts! 

  • Ultima range - Raspberry is my top favorite followed  by orange 

  • Viatwerx chocolate coated almonds & coated blueberries 

  • Spry gum - Fruit is my favorite flavor 

  • Vitalzing water drops  






Supermarket items 


  • Coke stevia 

  • Nuttvia 

  • Atkins range 

  • Avalanche Sugar Free drink range! 

  • Vitalizing water drops







I will continue to add to this list as i find more products that i like! I personally avoid the sweetener aspartame due to side affects that it gives me i prefer to use products that are stevia but will use products that are other sweeteners just not aspartame. 



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